Planetary Empires Campaign Part 6

So this tile of a crater seemed to make sense when talking about large multi-player games designed to blow seven kinds of poop out of each team.

At the end of each season there is a large narrative game aimed at getting as many of the players as possible involved in one game.
They are not mandatory, but will give a bonus to the scenario winner and are aimed at having fun enjoyable and co-operative games.

At the end of the Spring the Empires meet on the field of Battle, Alliances are tests as the game pits two teams of players against each other.

In this game each player picks a 2500 points force from their Codex. They must use any and ALL Veteran Units they have currently and one of their Commanders (they choose).

The Game is based around two Alliances fighting each other to decide which side wins the day.

The Mission Type: Objective Based

Board Setup:
In the Centre of the Board there will be three Objectives. They should be setup on the Centre line of the Board. Divide the Board Length in three (width wise) and place an objective on each of these points. Each of these Objectives is worth 1 Objective point.

Each Opposing HQ model (not Transport) will count as an Additional Objective. These can only be caputred by HQ or Elite units. When a HQ is killed/run down/runs of the board mark that spot with an Objective Marker. These are worth 2 Objective points each. This is to both the team the HQ came from and the opposition.
Please note that HQ's may not be setup in Reserve in this mission. If the HQ joins a unit in a Drop Pod then that Drop Pod must be one of the ones to arrive on the first turn.
Turn Length: 5 Turns, on a roll of a 4+ a 6th Turn will be played (time permitting).

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Victory Conditions:
In the event of a tie compare the following level to see who won
Primary: The number of Objectives Claimed decides the Winning Team
Secondary: The Number of HQ's killed decides the Winning Team
Tertiary: The Number of Kill Points decides the Winning Team 

Special Rules:
Night fighting

The Benefits!
At the end of the game the winning team counts up how many Objectives & Kill points each player got during the game. Then the opposition roll a D6 and consult the chart below to determine who won:

1-2: The Player holding the most Objectives wins
3-4; The Player that got the most Kill Points wins
5-6 The Player that got the most Kill Points & Objectives wins.

The winning side of the Spring game each benefit from one additional Army they can setup during the Summer Season.

The winning Player of the Spring game may place a free building of their choice anywhere within their Territory.

After a long Summer of War, the Commanders look to a different tactic for gaining the edge in the upcoming months.

In this game each player picks a Kill Team following all the Normal rules for Kill Team rules (found in the Battle Missions book) with the following Exceptions:

  • No Special Characters
  • Your Force must consist of at least five Models

Kill Team Scenario:
Board Size: 4 x 4
Deployment Zones: 12" from the Board edge
Objective: Infiltrate Enemy Communication Device

Each side sets up an Enemy communication device within their deployment zone.

This device cannot be destroyed.

The Objective is for a team to move one of their models into Base to base contact with the Communications array, in their following shooting phase they attempt to hack the device and upload a Virus (in the case of the Tyranides it will be some form of genetically engineered Virus that sends signals to their base for decryption and translation).
On a D6 roll of a 5+ the Virus is successfully uploaded.

Victory Conditions:
The Player to upload the Virus first wins!

The Winning Player is able to move one of the Losers armies D3 tiles due to mis communication at the beginning of each of the next seasons turns.

As the War drags on the Commanders begin to requisition larger Warmachines and forces to drive their War Effort

They forge Alliances and commit and all out offensive to wipe out the Enemy Armies.

Game Type; Apocalypse
Primary Capture Objective Alpha, if this is not achieved then move on to Secondary Orders.
Secondary Capture Objective Beta & Gamma, if this is not achieved then move on to Tertiary Orders.
Tertiary Kill Points.

Each player builds a 3000 Point army this should include one of their Commanders and any Veteran units they currently have on their Rosters.

Each Player MAY also include any 1 Apocalypse Formation or Unit from any of the Apocalypse material in the Apocalypse Rulebooks and Supplenments including the Games Workshop website.

Objective Alpha is setup in the middle of the Board
Objective Beta is setup by the team going first ,and Objective Gamma by the team going second.

No Mans land is 20", so 10" on either side of the line splitting the table in two.
  • For each player on the winning team they are allowed to Capture an adittional tile from an Opposing player.
  • You may only Capture a Tile from an Empire you have a tile adjacent to already.
  • Where possible each Opposing Player should only lose 1 tile, if however this is not possible then a player may lose more than 1 tile.
  • You may not Capture an Opposing Hive City in this Manner.

See Part 7 for this Game and Victory Conditions!