Planetary Empires Campaign Part 5, take 2.

Hi all,

Here is the content that should have gone in Part 5. I am going to update Part 5 to show it all properly anyway, but wanted to make sure that you didn't miss it if you were wondering where the table disappeared too.

Random Events Chart.

Roll a D66 and consult the table below:

  • 11: Recalled from War, Removed one of your armies from play until the start of the next season
  • 12: Embattled, When moving your armies, roll 2D3 in enemy territory, 2D6 in friendly territory and pick the lowest.
  • 13: Enemy Sympathisers, Any Fortification Saves your need to make this turn are at -1.
  • 14: Assassin! Randomly pick one of your Commanders and immediately roll on the Character Injuries Chart.
  • 15: Deserters, Pick any of your tiles are remove the flag
  • 16: Disease, Pick one of your tiles and remove the building from it, but leave the flag in it.
  • 21: Stoking Unrest, Pick one of your enemies tiles and remove the flag from it (may not be a Hive City)
  • 22: Settlers, Pick an unclaimed tile and plant your flag in it
  • 23: Raiding Party, Pick a rivals tile without a building on it and plant your flag in it.
  • 24: Sappers. Remove one of your Rivals buildings from a tile, but leave their flag in the tile.
  • 25: Grab the Resource! Pick an enemies Manufactorum and plant your Flag in it.
  • 26: Seize Command! Pick an enemies Command Bunker and plant your Flag in it.
  • 31: The Shifting Warp. Pick one of your Armies and move it D6+2 Tiles in a random direction (use a scatter dice), it it reaches the Board edge then it stops!
  • 32: Forced March. Move one of your armies again.
  • 33: Move Move Move! Roll 2D3 / 2D6 when moving your armies and pick the highest.
  • 34: False Trials: Move one of your enemies armies.
  • 35: Heroic Intervention: Randomly pick one of your Commanders they gain the Benefit of Outstanding Leadership from the Spoils of War chart. Add this to their army roster entry.
  • 36: Veterans! Pick one of your units and roll on the Spoils of War chart, point 5 (Valorous Deeds) they are now a Veteran unit!
  • 41: Spies. In your next game you may look at your enemies army list before picking your own (excluding the mandatory choices you can't change such as your Commander / Veteran Units).
  • 42: Dawn Attack. In your next game, roll a D6 for each enemy unit before they deploy, on a roll of a 1 they may not be deployed and move in from reserves (they may choose instead to deep strike or outflank if they have the required Special Rule).
  • 43: Scouting Force. In your next game, after both sides have deployed you may redploy 1+D3 units (this works along side any other rules that grant you this benefit so would be 2+2D3 units etc).
  • 44: Its a Trap! In your next game you may pick whether to deploy first or second.
  • 45: Prepared Ambsh: In your next game you may pick the mission and whether to deploy first or second.
  • 46: Stacking the Odds: In your next game your army is 25% larger than your enemies!
  • 51: Siege Force: If you win the next battle you automatically capture your opponents tile.
  • 52: Clarity of Thought: In your next game you get +1 to your steal the initative roll, or can force your opponent to re-roll theirs if they succeed.
  • 53: The White Flag: Pick an opponent, they may not challenge you this turn. Although you can still challenge them.
  • 54: A word in your ear: Pick an opponent you get to declare their challenge this turn.
  • 55: Teleporter: You may challenge any opponent for any tile (that is not a Hive City) this turn, regardless of location.
  • 56: Prayers to the Emperor/Greater Good/ Dark Gods/Something, You may force your Opponent to re-roll any rolls he has to make on the Character Injury Table.
  • 61: Natural Resources: Place a Manufactorum on any tile you control, that does not already have a building.
  • 62: Unwritten Victories: Pick one of your armies and immediately roll on the Spoils of War chart.
  • 63: Untapped Power: Pick a Territory and add a Power Station to it.
  • 64: Cunning Commander: For the rest of the turn you count as having the smallest Empire.
  • 65: Bolstered Defences: Any fortification Saves you make this turn get +1
  • 66: Reinforcements Arrive: For the rest of the Season you gain an extra army.


Dangerous Brian said…
Ouch, some of those results are just nasty. On the other hand, many of them are potential clinchers. Just neccessarily for the guy who rolled them.

Great list.
DuendE said…
Great Blog!

Im following you!

You can follow me too! I got a painting Blog too !
Kraggi said…
Hi and thanks.

The reulsts of this chart can be awesome or pretty bad. With each player in the campaign rolling on it 12 times (12 turns) you should see a fair amount of the reults.

Thanks for the kind words DuendE, already following you!
Porky said…
It's good to see this up, and it was worth the wait. It's simple and looks to do the job very cleanly, and it's a very evocative range - there's a lot of narrative locked up in there.
Kraggi said…
Hi Porky, thanks.

I dont deny its a modified one from the Blood in the Badlands, but I tried to make it as applicable as I could to the rest of the rules I had built up.

Glad you like it :-)