Planetary Empires Campaign Part 4

Ok so I know this is a bit of a random picture... but at least its relavent and I am trying to post a picture either me or someone I know has taken for each post on my blog!

Here are the Spoils of War, Ignominious Defeats & Character Injury Charts.
Spoils of War Chart
  1. Living in Infamy: When this army next fights the opponent it fought last they gain Preferred Enemy against you
  2. Elite Army: Next time you fight a battle you may have 1 Extra Elite / Fast Attack / Heavy Support at the Expense of 2 Troop Slots.
  3. Reinforcements: May take an additional D6 x 25 points.
  4. Outstanding Leadership: Pick one of your HQ choices (Commander or otherwise). They gain the following benefit (which they will confer on any unit they join)
    1. Stealth
    2. Infiltrate
    3. Scout
    4. Fearless
    5. Counter Attack
    6. Furious Charge
  5. Valorous Deeds. Pick of your units and make it a Veteran Unit. Roll a D6 to see what special Rule it gains: (if it already has the special rule you roll, then role again.)
    1. 1 – Stealth
    2. 2- Acute Senses
    3. 3- Infiltrate
    4. 4-Scout
    5. 5- Stubborn
    6. 6- Fearless
  6. Commended by the High Command. Your Commanders acts on the Battlefield have made good impressions on the leaders in your Empire. Roll a D6.
    1. 1-3, They provide them with additional Wargear Options granting them 1 of their upgrades for Free.
    2. 4-6, The Commanders training grant him a Bonus USR, this is chosen from the Rulebook and is permanently added to his Roster entry. 
Ignominious Defeat Chart

  1. A Sound beating – When your army next fights the race that defeated them roll a D6 for each unit that starts on the table, on a roll of a 1 that unit is Pinned for the 1st Turn. Any Tanks/Vehicles count as Crew Stunned instead and this result cannot be ignored or downgraded in anyway.
  2. Sabotage – While your army was away fighting the enemy snuck past your sentries and destroyed one of your buildings. Select the nearest building to the tile you fought over and remove it from the map.
  3. No Ill Effect
  4. No Ill Effect
  5. No Ill Effect
  6. Vengeance will be ours! When this army next fights a battle against the race that defeated you, all your units benefit from Preferred Enemy, If the enemy got a Living in Infamy then your army also benefits from Scout/Infiltrate or Stealth for the game (yes you read that right, the entire army).

Character Injuries

If a Commander is removed as a casualty in the game, roll a D6 on the following table.

  1. Serious Injury. Roll again
    • 1= Dead
    • 2 = Misses the Next Game
    • 3= Misses the Next Game
    • 4= Loses a randomly selected Commander upgrade (if any have been earned)
    • 5= Its just a Flesh Wound – No Ill Effect
    • 6= Its just a Flesh Wound – No Ill Effect
  2. Captured – The enemy have taken him hostage. If they still hold him at the end of a season you will need to either play a Special Mission to rescue him, or trade any Tile bordering the Enemy Empire to get them back. You get to choose the Tile and the Enemy may not refuse whichever tile is offered in Trade.
  3. Minor Injury – Misses the Next Game
  4. Psychological Injury, Roll on the table below. If character already has the rule roll again.
    • 1= Rage
    • 2= Slow & Purposeful
    • 3= No Ill Effect
    • 4= No Ill Effect
    • 5= Stubborn
    • 6= Fearless
  5. Where’s my sword? One Random item of Wargear is lost by the Commander. They lost all Benefits of this item and may not replace or re-buy the item except through the Commended by the High Command
  6. Heroic Escape – Not only has he recovered but he is changed by his ordeal and gains +1 to a characteristic, Roll on the Chart below:
    • 1. +1 WS or +1 BS (Your Choice)
    • 2. +1 S
    • 3. +1T
    • 4. +1A
    • 5. +1 I
    • 6. Choose one Stat to improve then Roll again (if you roll another 6 you get no benefit)