Planetary Empires Campaign Part 3

Building Rules

Below is the Grid that Applies to each Race. This is because each race makes different uses of each Building.

ArmyPower StationShield GeneratorManufactorum
Space Marines10-4 / -16
Imperial Guard6-5 / -211
Orks9-3 / -19
Tyranids8-4 / -210
Eldar10-2 / -16
Tau8-4 / -28
Necrons7-5 / -29
Dark Eldar11-2 / -17
Chaos Marines10-4 / -26
DaemonsD6+5-D6 / -D3D6+5
Any Other9-4 / -18

Power Stations:

If you have a Higher Power station Value compared to your opponent then you get the following benefits:

  • If you have a Higher Value you get +1 to Rolling for who goes first
  • If your Value is Double your Opponents you get the Bonus above, and +1 for the Roll fo Picking your Deployment Area
  • If your Value is Triple your Opponents then you get the Bonuses listed above and +1 for any Reserve Rolls.

Shield Generators

Provide defensive Bonuses to the Tile its in and the Tiles surrounding it. See the chart above.


Compare your Manufactorum total to your opponents and then consult the points below:

  1. If your Total is less than your Opponent you get no Benefit
  2. If your Total is more than your Opponent you get a 50 Point bonus for this game
  3. If your total is Double your Opponents then you get a 100 point bonus for this game
  4. If your total is Triple your Opponents then you get a 150 point bonus for this game.

Command Bastion:

The Command Bastions allow you to train your troops. Once per turn you may Nominate an Army for Training. This must be after the Army has participated in a Battle.

Randomly select one of the units that Survived the game (regardless of winning or losing) and roll a D6. On a Score of a 4+ that unit gains a USR from the main Rulebook and becomes a Veteran Unit.

You get +1 for each Bastion you control after the first.


These tiles allow you to specifically attack a tile anywhere on the Board via a Planetstrike mission.

If you win the Scenario then you automatically capture the Tile from the enemy. Planetstrike missions may not be undertaken on Hive Cities or other Spaceports are their Air Defences are too strong.

If a building is present on the tile you attempt to attack you are fighting a Stronghold mission, otherwise you are fighting a Planetfall mission.

When playing a Planetstrike mission you get no Bonuses from your Power Stations or Manufactorums as your forces are attacking in an unusual way.

Hive Cities:

These count as a Power Station, Command Bastion, Spaceport & Manufactorum. To Capture a Hive City you must fight and win a Special Scenario.