Planetary Empires Campaign Part 1

This Marks the beginning of a Planetary Empires week and a day! I am going to post the rules for a Campaign I am going to run with a few people that I know, so get ready for the next 7 days of posts with rules and ideas! I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I have in making them (or modifying them)!

A Set of rules for a Planetary Empires campaign. These use an amalgamation of the rules from the Blood in the Badlands Campaign book and the Planetary Empires Booklet and some of my own ideas as well!


To begin with each player in the campaign needs to pick a race, this will be their race for the duration of the campaign.

After they have chosen their race they need to pick / create a Leader for their Empire. This Character is chosen from the HQ section of their Codex.

He/She/It will need a name and some details, maybe a description, some personality information along with their acts of heroism (or otherwise) to flesh him out. He is your Empires Leader and may not be changed

After you have created your Commander you will need to create two Lieutenant Commanders, these characters should follow the same details as has been laid out above, except that excluding any mounts they Characters should cost less points than your first one. Why would anyone follow someone who is not as powerful as them?

You may not Select Special Characters to lead your Empire or be one of your Lieutenants. The reason for this is simple. The rules here present a chance for a more mundane Character to rise to eminence. Special Characters are already there and have all the bonuses they need.

This is not to say that you cannot select a Special Character as part of your Army, however they can never become a Commander, and units with Special Character upgrades cannot become Veteran Units (mentioned later on).


Each season players start with three armies. Each Army needs a counter to represent its location on the map.

You will need to know which of your Commanders & Lieutenants is attached to which army. They can only change their armies between seasons. Each of your Commanders / Lieutenants must be assigned to a different army.

Each army is a fluid beast with only the attached Commander & Veteran units staying the same from game to game.


Once the Map has been built each Player picks a Hive City as their base of operations. The order in which they do this can be agreed or decided by a Dice off. They then proceed to place flags in the remaining tiles.

When claiming a tile for your Empire during the Setup phase you need to follow one simple rule. Each tile you capture must already be touching one of your tiles. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot claim a tile because of this, you may claim another unclaimed tile on the map. 


At the beginning of each season starting with the player with the smallest Empire, or in the case of the 1st season, the player that placed their Empire first, players get to place their three armies anywhere within their Empire.

Each Season consists of three Campaign Turns. Each Season also provides a Benefit or Disadvantage of its own.

Spring: Dangerous Terrain tests are failed on a 1 or 2 due to the conditions.
Summer: The Summer brings a drive from each of the Empires in their aim for total Conquest, the proximity of the Sun & Moons mean that Night Fighting rules are in effect only on a roll of a 4+ in Dawn of War missions.
Autumn: HQ units are of Vital Importance in the Close stages of the War. In any Kill Point mission HQ units (and any Transports) count as 2 Kill Points in any kill point game.
Winter; The Winter weather takes a terrible toll on the armies involved. At the beginning of the game roll a D6 for any Vehicle in your army. On a roll of a 1 it counts a stunned for the Opening turn of the game (this result cannot be changed in anyway).
At the end of each of the first three seasons there is an ‘event’ the winner of this event will receive a benefit for the next season. These events are covered in more detail in later posts.