My Hobby in December

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a good new Year and that you arent too painfully hung over.

Here is a quick run down of my Hobby in December.

WOW: Played 4:
Won: 3
Lost: 1

Grey Knights (500 Points) vs Chaos Space Marines - Win

Necrons & Blood Angels vs Eldar & Dark Eldar - Win
Necrons & Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar - Draw
Necrons vs Blood Angels (1750 Points) - Win

Dwarves vs High Elves (Storm of Magic) - Draw

So not a terrible month especially as it involved Christmas!

The first few games in with my Necrons were edgy things this month, a couple of Doubles games and then some 1750 games to get my feet wet as such.

The other side of my Hobby has reared its head since the Necrons and Christmas came around... painting and modelling!

This month also saw my first game of Storm of Magic, of which we only managed a couple of turns as we slowed ourselves down too much with rule questions and not enough time. I hope to get some pictures up of it shortly though!

At the moment I have the following Models on the path to completion:

Ghost Ark / Doomsday Ark x 2
Annhilation barge / Command Barge x 2
Necorn Overlord
The Traveller
10 Warriors
4 Scarab Bases
10 Immortals
Dreadstone Ruins
Arcane Fulcrums x 3

Fingers crossed as I get them completed I will get some pictures up for you all to see.

I have put the Ghost Ark / Doomsday Ark as both as I fully in tend to be able to use them as both, and while I dont think that the Ghost Ark conversion is going to be the most unexpected (its a really simple conversion) I am pretty happy with it at the moment.