Lost in.... Competition!

Here is a quick plug for a Friend of mine. He currently runs two blogs, one of which is for his painting business.

RTGamer is an awesome Warhammer player and does some excellent work painting. #

He is currently running a competition for people who start following him, be it on Blogger, Twitter or Facebook.

A good chance for you to win $50 of painted models for very little effort, and while you are there why not check out the content he has on Lostingaming.net.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy his work!


RTGamer said…
Thanks for the plug Kraggi.

It's Vampire Week on lostingaming.net and there is some (hopefully) good content on there.

Will need to reply to your email soon about them GK.
Kraggi said…
No problem RT. I look forward to your email.