Dystopian Wars - The Stat Cards!

So the Original Stat cards you get from Spartan games in the Starter set, are very useful, compact and have a lot of the Information on them that you need. Here is a slightly different version.

I like them, I have always thought that with a bit of work they could potentially look a little bit better.

So with that in mind I took some time to tweak how the stat card looked. In doing so I ended up with:

I took the basic concept of the Stat card and made it one sided, all the information on one side for you to see.

I took out the section dealing with what % of your fleet had to consist of this type of Ship, mainly because this has been revised.

I have also added in a section for you to fill in your own details:

Ship Name: Well Everyship should have a name, be it one of a Ship in current or past service, or of one you made up!

Commander: I think this adds more flavour, who is the Ships Commander?

Honours: What battles has this ship been involved in, where has it been and what has it done.

Confirmed Kills: Obviously, a simple scoresheet as such for how much Damage this vessel has caused, and if you opponent has a particularly fearsome model with a name... add it here!

Let me know what you think, I have so far only done this one, and the card itself is available as a PDF on the Spartan Website, in case you want the original verison!


Bas Hamer said…
I did one a while back, build it out as a generator in WPF. It ended up dieing when I never heard back from Spartan on whether or not I could get consent.


but adding in damage and crew grids would be a good addition.
Kraggi said…
Wow, I like it, the damage boxes makes a lot of sense as it doesnt clutter up the battlefield.
Pity they never got back to you. Did you try posting it in their forum? I know that someone else did a small mod of them to put them into stat cards, so you could link it there and see what people thought.
Bas Hamer said…
I wanted permission first before posting as the whole thing is one giant copyright violation.

but yeah;
-added grids to declutter table
-added icons for weapon arcs
--diamond icons for fixed channels, channels are lines
--circles for turrets, 1 circle per turret, the arcs are pie shapes
--squares for normal arcs, and the applicable arcs are triangles.
-Added pictures to find cards fast
-Added icons for common rules; primary, torpedo, rockets, etc.