Dystopian Wars - The Generator Game

As mentioned last week, Spartan games released another blog post with updated rules clarifications and modifications to some Generators. Here is my Analysis of it!

Firstly the Prussian Empire got a boost with the changes to Tesla Coil Weaponary. It has now been confirmed these Weapon Systems CAN target Flying & Diving Models in Range Band 1.

Nothing wrong with this, in fact I think its a nice boost. It isnt game Changing but it does give the Prussians a new tool to deal with those pesky enemies that get up close... and with the Damage to their targets AP... it does give a nice benefit to one of the Prussian Strong points which is boarding!

The Second change is that if you target a ship with a Generator, you ARE allowed to complete a Boarding assault against that same ship.

Another nice bonse for those of you that like the Offensive power that Generators can bring to the table!

The third update is a tweak to both the Telsa Generator & the Ultrasonic Pulverising Generator (PUG).

The Tesla Generator has been confirmed capable to shoot at Targets in RB1 regardless of height level. You get to roll 1D6, and on the result of a 5 or a 6 you get to roll for Critical Damage on the ship, ignore the actual damage it does, however its a nice boost to restricting the use people can get from their systems.

Also as this isnt a Gunnery attack, Shields wont help!

The Tesla Generator can now also provide a +1D3" movement each turn when not being used as a Weapon.

Both of these (I feel) improve the Tesla Generators effectiveness, and its now useful all the time as it provides the extra movement when not in range to hurt the enemy!

The PUG now reduces the enemy ships effectiveness, basically getting rid of AP / Ack Ack / Concussion Charges.

Its usefulness is definately there, you will need to plan your turn out, and hope a D6 roll goes your way, but it does mean that you could be crippling the enemy flagship with a decent roll and some well positioned Ships!

Hope you liked my quick reveiw of the changes it brought in, by now I imagine most of you have got a feel of what these changes are like in game. Feel free to drop me a comment as I would love to hear your opinions.