Dystopian Wars - FAQ & Updates!

Another blog post from Spartan, and again its more good news for Dystopian Wars players!

Its a combination of an FAQ & Update for Generators and a bit of boost to the Prussian Empire.

For full details you can find their post here.

I will be doing an Analysis of the information they have provided next week!

Next post... back to this weeks topic, the Planetary Empires Campaign!


Vladdd309 said…
A great new rule for Prussians! Unfortunately, it arrived a couple hours too late for my cruisers against some British subs!

Thanks for all the DWars info!
Kraggi said…
Hi Vlad,

No problems I am trying to keep myself updated with DW so I figure might as well help as many other people as I can lol.

Got some interesting posts planned for DW, just going to let the Planetary Empires campaign finish up first.