My Hobby in July


For July I started the month by moving house... again. This time into our very own property, no more renting!

This did cut into my ability to get games, but has hopefully set it up so that I will have somewhere to play in the future.


The posting was going strong until this weekend, where I let things slip... Not such a bad thing as my new target is more than 47 days of consectutive posting. Overall pretty happy with the end result and hopefully I can end up with the time and drive to do it again.
This month I managed the following games

Warhammer 40k - 1750 Points
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Capture & Control - Loss

Yes, as you can see from above my 21st Game resulted in me losing my 10 game winning streak with my Grey Knights. I ran into Tom's Space Wolves and unfortunately for me I still havent figured a way out to Kill 3 Long Fang Squads, 3 Ten Man Grey Hunter Packs, The Rune Priest and 3 Razorbacks before I run out of men... suggestions in comments are always appreciated as this list always causes me great problems!

Magic the Gathering:
Played: 3
Won: 2
Lost: 1

World of Warcraft TCG
Played: 16
Won: 6
Lost: 10

As you can see I ended up having a shot at some card games. I enjoyed Magic, although that was mostly cause of a good opponent, and the same can be said for World of Warcraft. I hadnt played that card game in a long time, I entered a mini competition, finished second and had a blast playing all of my games.

The following week I entered the mini tournament again, finished second bottom, lost to my Wife in the opening in the game & then lost 7 games on the bounce to her in the evening. All I can think is that her skill at WoW online works well in the card game lol.