Doubles 2012

(A Picture of some of the winners from Feb 2011)

With neither Tom nor myself able to attend the September 40K Doubles Tournament this year, we decided to try for the 2012 instead.

Fingers crossed we get lucky with tickets and can attend for the third year running... hopefully this time we can finish higher than last time, with better results.

But Wait!

The Tournament planning team has completed a total revamp of the rules so this time its going to be a new game plan.

So to begin with here are the changes to our Army Selection:

Total Army Size: 1750 Points
Points per Force: 875 Points
Alliances: Any Allowed (Yes Chaos and Space Marines, Tyranids and Blood Angels, anything goes!)
Must have 1 of each (Elite, Fast Attack & Heavy Support) prior to selecting a Second or Third).

So what are the benefits to this? Well we get an extra 250 points across our army, and thats none to shabby.

We probably wont get involved in the different Alliances as the disadvantages can be devastating, but we will see on the day (I still reckon a Chaos Daemon & Grey Knight force would be awesome!)

So all in all this gives some good food for thought for building an army, I will be able to chose from Necrons, Grey Knights & Imperial Guard so I have a decent selection.

They have also release all of the Scenarios, and these babies arent from the book, these are new shiney and made my head hurt! But more on that next time!