Grey Knights - Answers!

The Grey Knights FAQ is out!

You have probably seen the above headline a lot this last week, appearing all over the blogosphere.

So what does this FAQ mean to me?

Well having read it through Thoroughly I can say only 1 quesiton gives an answer that I was hoping against.

That is the:

Q: Does a Dreadknight with a Nemesis doomfist strike at Strength 6 or Strength 10 in close combat? (p34)
A: Strength 6, as it is not a walker.

This is a bit frustrating as it certainly reduces the big guys effectiveness against Independant Characters & Vehicles.

Although for me it also makes sense. Given how the rules work now you get three options:

Standard Loadout: +1 Attack (free)
Thunderhammer: Strength 10, Thunderhammer (10 Points)
Greatsword: Re-rolls to hit and wound & Armour Pen. (25 Points)

However on the flip side of that I am generally hitting these characters and wounding them often enough that they would die anyway... but I always wanted the easier option.

Does this make Dreadknights better or worse? Well for me a little worse, as its 4 points of Strength lost.

Although that said its only 10 points for the Thunderhammer option which now has a place on the Dreadknight.

Other interesting points are that the Ulmeathi Plasma Syphon works against Tau Pulse Rifles... a nice touch if you know you are going to face large Tau armies.

I have seen some people say that being unable to Shunt in a Scout move & that Falchions only giving +1 Attack are bad answers but I dont think so.

Shunting in your Scout move makes it terribly overpowered, even at 75 Points for the upgrade on a Dreadknight, but for the Interceptors they would just be eveyones go to guys.

The Falchions is exactly what I expected. At 10 points a standard Grey Knight for the upgrade then yuppers they are overpriced but that what you have to deal with. On a Terminator or Paladin they are only 5 points, and that is not a bad deal at all.

Other than that I am pretty happy with the FAQ, I dont see it changing my armies, nor do I see it affecting how I play too much.

Moving on to the main Rulebook, the ability to stack Hammerhand is very nice. So if I decide to with a Character of some description in the unit and the unit itself I can have basic Grey Knight striking at Str 6! At lot of people have been on about higher Str than that, however for me this is the most likely one to happen and lets be honest... its pretty damn good.

How do you think this FAQ is going to effect you playing as or playing against Grey Knights? I would love to know!


Anonymous said…
I've really got to disagree with you on the Falchions. '5pts for an extra attack on Terminators' is misleading. These terminators have halberds built into their cost, since they are a free swap. Thunderhammers are a even a free swap! But +1 attack is an extra 5 pts? Just take the banner for 25, get your extra attacks, and free psyker casting too.
Kraggi said…
I see where you are coming from Luke.

I dont tend to take the Falchions on all my Terminators (which isnt mentioned in the article), I just tend to use a few of them (like 2 or 3 per 10 man unit).

Its the choice of killing the enemy first, or killing more of the enemy.

I regularly end up with 5-10 points spare in my army lists, so I will drop them on Flachions for my Terminators... I don't feel that the 5 points cost is too much, not for 1 attack.

Its also the reason I never expected it to be 2 Attacks when using Falchions, because while it justified the 10 point costs on Strike & Interceptor squads, it made them an amazingly good option for Terminators at only 5 points.