Glasgow Gamers - 1000 Points!

So this coming Saturday I have a local tournament. Four games at a 1000 points.

Now this isnt my normal game size I tend to play at the 1500 point mark. So even with my Guard I would find a 1000 point list challenging.

However I am playing using my Grey Knights. Now a 1000 points of Grey Knights does not get you many mini's.

The 1000 point list I am currently favouring is as follows:

Inquisitor: 3 Servo Skulls

Grey Knight Strike Squad (10): Psycannon x 2
Grey Knight Terminators (7): Psycannon

Dreadknight: Personnal Teleporter
Dreadknight: Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Total: 999

This has a lot of Terminator Armour models to deal with, and upto 3 scoring units.

The Dreadknights admittedly are a personnal favourite of mine as they cannot be killed by that 1 lucky shot from a Rocket Launcher or even Autocannon like Dreadnoughts.

It struggles against the one list I know is going which is a Long Fang heavy, Razorback spam list (no offence Tom) but thats cause he has the Weapons to be killing my DreadKnights early in the game.

I could drop 1 Terminator and fit in Psybolt Ammo for both troops and it is something I am debating, equally I could then drop another Terminators and have both Dreadknights with a Heavy Incinerator the original list looked a lot like this to be fair.

Any hints tips or suggestions are gladly welcomed, and as I have to have models painted for this tournament you should all get to see some of my Grey Knights painted this next week.