Games last Month

To begin with I would like to say I hope everyone has had an awesome New Years wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

I used to do my games this week posts… however I would then forget to post them, or forget what I games I had played.

So now I am going to try for a, Games this Month post. This will give a better list of where my games have come from and how my stats on the left show up.

This ended up a little late due to bad planning. December wasnt the best or worst of months for me with the weather knocking a few oppourtunities of games out, and a new Shift pattern for me at work not helping either.

My Aim for January... more games.

So in December:
Warhammer - Dwaves
1000 Points vs Warriors of Chaos (Tom) – Victory by 438 points.
1000 Points vs Dark Elves (Stuart) - Victory by 840 points
1000 Points vs Orcs and Goblins (Shaun) - Draw, 95 points in favour of Shaun

Magic the Gathering
Red Deck vs Dave’s Blue/Green – 1-0 Victory

Dystopian Wars
Prussians vs Britannia (Paul) – Draw
Prussians vs Britannia (Paul) - Victory

I will eventually build a record of all the games I play in each game system… for myself if no other reason.

It will also, as has been pointed out to me, help back up the My Stats column section on the left of the Website.