Doubles Tournament 2011

Another year, and from the lack of posts it looks like I am suffering from an extended period of writers block.

I assure you this is not the case, just busy busy busy as usual at the beginning of the year.

In February we have a Doubles Tournament coming up. We went last year to the one in January, actually around this time last year. This time it has been moved to 6 weeks into the new year rather than 10 days... this is most appreciated by myself and Tom.

In the last Tournament we finished 59th out of just over 100, and this year we have a target... finish better than 59th!

We actually spent a couple of hours recently hatching our evil plan for our army lists. They are currently super top secret as we are pretty happy with them except for a couple of Tweaks here and there.

If anyone reading this is planning on going along, look out for the guys in the Kraggi and Rusty Nail T-Shirts as that will be me (Kraggi) and my playing partner Tom (Rusty Nail).

We are hoping to reach around 10 practise games between now and when we leave... with luck we will actually manage to exceed this target. Our first is this coming Thursday against a Blood Angels / Blood Angels list.

As with last year we will be using our Imperial Guard / Space Wolves combination. Also like last year I will be writing a backstory to it. One for before the Tournament... the other for after.

I intend on using on of our games as the inspiration for the second part. Last year it was taken from a wonderful game we had against a Chaos Space Marine / Chaos Daemon combination. Their God was Nurgle and in the Kill point mission they soundly beat us. Still one of the most enjoyable games of 40k I have had in a long time.

So shamelessly plugging more of my posts have a read of the Backgrounds I wrote, let me know know what you think.

The First one is here, and the second one here.

Also feel free to drop me a line if you plan on attending and it will at least give us people to look out for.


Dezartfox said…
I'll be going again, along with Krom_stormbrow :)
We'll have Angels of Redemption and Elysians this year (last year we had Deathwing and Wolfwing)
We'll be going down on the Friday night, tog et a few practice games in.
see you there!
Tom said…
We'll hopefully be getting down there on Friday as well, practice games and drinking beer seem a good way to spend the night before a Tourney!!

Kraggi said…
I look forward to the whole thing and work willing we will be there for some warm up matches on the Friday... hopefully no snow this time.