Warhammer Escalations League, Round 2

Another month, another Round/Season for the escalation league being run by Kingdom of Adventure. So this month the points value is upped by 250 points, bring us to 1000 points to spend.

My Three games this month were:

Warriors of Chaos (Tom)
Orcs & Goblins (Shaun)
Dark Elves (Stuart)

With this in mind I built a quite different list for my Dwarves from the 750 points I used last time.

This time I have focussed a bit more on Combat… also see if you can spot the obvious mistake in my Army list… one that I didn’t realise till midway through my first game.

Dwarf Lord: Great Weapon, Talisman with Master Rune of Spite, Armour with Rune of Stone, Shield, Oath Stone

Dwarf Warriors (10); Shields, Full Command
Dwarf Longbeards (30); Shields, Full Command, Standard with Master Rune of Grungi

Cannon; Engineer
Cannon; Engineer, Rune of Burning

Total: 996 Points.

So did you spot the mistake? In honesty you probably would only see it if you are a Dwarf Player.

My Dwarf Lord has a rule allowing him to take Longbeards without the usual requirement of a pre-req of Dwarf Warriors.

A unit of 13 of them was simply there to allow me to get Longbeards in, and in my haste to write the list I forgot! What’s worse is I used army builder so it would have allowed me to do it. Ah well.

The Dwarf Lord is a good option… very good for dealing with opposing Characters, and in 1000 points my enemy will likely have 1 maybe 2 characters, so killing one of those, potentially the General is extra Victory points.

The Oathstone was in there so I could survive multiple combats, as I expect some units to be able to Pile on combat with me in multiple charges.