Warhammer Escalation League, Round 2 - Game 2

December Game 2:

Well no pictures from this game, as it was a bit of pure luck that I managed to get to play it.

My Opponent was Stuart with his Dark Elves. Now I know a lot about Dark Elves, and that proved useful in this game.

Stuart had:
Level 1 Sorcerss (with a spell familiar or some such)
Master; With a 1+ save, and a Whip of Str5, AP

20 Corsairs with Frenzy Banner
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
5 Cold One Knights
1 Hydra

I won the roll to go first.

This game could have gone one of two ways, and after the 1st Turn amounted to no Casaulaties on either side we rolled round to turn 2.

In my Turn 2, by Dwarf Warriors and Dwarf Longbeards advanced, lining themselves up opposite the Repeater Crossbows, and the Corsairs.

My Cannons took care of the Hyrdra, or rather the one with the Rune of Burning did.

In Stuarts Turn 2 he charged by Dwarf Warriors who stood and took the charge... mainly because I forgot he had the Master there otherwise I would have fled.

Stuart then skipped to the shooting phase missing his Magic phase entirely. I then did whatever a good opponent would do... I compromised.

I offered him his Magic phase, if he would let me change my charge reaction. Something I forgot for something he forgot. He decided he wanted his magic phase and his Corsairs would redirect into my Longbeards (which was fine with me). I would like to point out at this time, I was more than happy to continue with him missing the Magic phase, and if he had remebered before starting his shooting attacks on me I would have allowed him to take his magic phase regardless.

The Dwarf Warriors fled 7". In his Magic phase he got a grand total of... 2 Power dice. Of which I managed to stop any incoming spells that worried me.

In the combat phase the Master Killed 4 Longbeards, with his Corsairs adding 1 more to the tally. By response my Longbeards killed 7 of his, the end result? I won combat by 1. He passed his Leadership check, so we stayed and fought.

In my next turn I tried a couple of Pot shots with the Cannons but didnt get much and my Dwarf Warriors Rallied. One of which rolled a Misfire and couldnt shoot next turn, the other of which failed to hit anythign with its Grapeshot.
In the second round of combat I challenged his Hero with my Dwarf Lord, I caused 1 wound and he caused 2.

I managed to (quite impressively) only hit with 1 out of my 8 attacks with my Dwarf Lord, across two rounds of combat, needing threes in each round. First against the Corsairs, then again against the Hero.

Then the Corsairs attacked, this time without Frenzy as they had lost combat, they caused no wounds. In response I killed 7 more Corsairs, which broke their unit. As they ran I caught them, which left me only 1" from the Repeater Crossbows.

In his following turn his Cold One Knights charged one of my Cannons... and didnt manage to kill it in combat as I still had one wound and passed my break check.

The shooting and magic did no damage to my Longbeards, who now look on meancingly at the Elves.

In my turn I charged his Crossbowmen who decided to flee (I was too close to stand and shoot at), unfortunately he rolled badly on his flee roll and I caught him.

At this point my opponent had to go and catch a train, we agreed that I wouldnt be able to wipe out his Cold Ones, and that he would kill the Cannon, in the end I won by 840 points.

So that was two wins from two games so far this month. Just Orcs and Goblins left to come now, hopefully with Pictures next time.


RTGamer said…
Nice report... Sounds like a few mistakes made but the game played in a friendly competitive enviroment!

Now I can't wait to see how you got on with the Orcs...
Kraggi said…
Thanks RT.
Am debating posting the Orc n Goblin game as a 1 turn a day post... just to increase the suspense for you :-D

In all honesty tho, just need to get the pictures formatted and uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning and it will be up then.
RTGamer said…
I might know how it turned out already ;-)

But I want to hear your side of things.