Warhammer Escalation League - November Report

Last month was the first month of our Warhammer Escalation League. This is being run over the next 6 months at my local store KoA.

The first month we had three games and 750 points per game. The list had to be written in advance and could not be changed for the duration of the month.

As a refresher, the list I used last month was:


10 Thunderers
10 Thunderers
1 Cannon
1 Cannon
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Organ Gun

This list was all out shooting (as you can see) and hoped to inflict enough casualties to stop the enemy getting to me.

Now my opponents were:

Chaos Warriers

I played all three games (technically). My first was against an Empire opponent who decide the best course of option was to stay out of my line of sight.

It was a tight game with very few points in it, however in the end I managed to kill his two Mortars and won by 150 points.

The second match against the Chaos was a game of two halves. The first half had me attempting to wreak unholy havoc on the enemy as it advanced across the table to me. This had nominal success as my dice didnt quite stand upto the challenge. In the second half of the game he got into combat with me and did what I know anyone would do to me in combat... he wiped me out.

The end result of this... I lost by about 146 points.

My Third game was against the Undead, and was not played... my opponent had gone for Cairn Wraiths and an Ethereal Vampire... meaning I could only kill it by combat resolution as I had no magic weapons in my army... and with no combat units I conceded the game.

His other units were stupidly large units of Zombies, which I could not inflict suffucient casualties on to kill them, before he raised more into them. So call me a fool (and please feel free to) but I concede before the game began as that was a massive failure on my part when writing my army list.

Lessons for Decmeber:
Need Magical Attacks of some sort
Shooting isnt all that
Combat will happen.

I will post again in January to let you know what 1000 point list I used and how it did... hopefully this time with Pictures.