Warhammer - Dark Elf Army Lists

So I have decided to have a look at a few different armies and army lists for Warhammer.

Now Dark Elves were my first Warhammer army, and really were an army I enjoyed playing way back in 2002. I ended up having to sell them as a Cash Strapped student who need the money to move house...

I have decided to aim for a 2250 point list.

So why the article title? Well I am open to suggestions for how to tweak this, there are a few things to bear in mind when making suggestions.

I would like to avoid some of the things that I have heard and read people QQ'ing about. Mainly - Shades, War Hydras, Shades and Repeater Crossbows. Repeater Bolt Throwers I dont like given the new Warmachine rules as 2 wounds makes them easier to kill... well in my opinion at least.

Anyway... bearing in mind those restrictions here is what I have written so far. No Lores Chosen as I dont have the rulebook with me to help me choose them.

I basically have two 2250 point lists... so advice on either is welcome.

Supreme Sorceress - Sacrificial Dagger

Death Hag - Altar of Khaine
Death Hag - BSB - Standard of Hag Graef
Sorceress - Dispell Scroll, Tome of Furion

Dark Elf Warriors (45), Shields, Full Command, Banner of Murder.
  - Assassin: Additional Hand Weapon, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine

Corsairs (40), Full Command, Handbows, Sea Serpent Standard

Har Ganeth Executioners (15), Full Command
Witch Elves (15), Full Command
Blackguard of Naggarond (10), Full Command

Overall Points: 2249.

It has 5 units in total for the enemy to deal with which isnt too bad for a relatively elitest army like the Dark Elves.. a Gun line might have a lot of fun dealing with me on my Way across the table, which is where I hope the Magic will come in useful.

Compared to my Normal Army this list takes part in 3 of the four phases, and even can occaisionally do some shooting.

The second list is:

Death Hag; Altar of Khaine
Sorceress; Level 2
Sorceress; Level 1, Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll
Death Hag; BsB, Standard of Hag Graef

Corsairs (38); Full Command, Handbows, Sea Serpent Standard
Dark Elf Warriors (40); Full Command
- Assassion; Additional Hand Weapon, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine

SpecialHar Ganeth Executioners (30); Full Command
Witch Elves (30); Full Command, Banner of Murder

This list relies on 4 Horde units... each is able to absorb a lot of punishment and the Altar of Khaine will give 1 of them that extra survivability for the first turn or so to get into combat.

It has a bit of magic... 4 attempts to get that big spell to take out one of my enemies uber units so it certainly has potential.

As ever feedback welcome.


RTGamer said…
Hmmm i like the first list better TBH.

I will send you an email with my full thoughts butI don't know if you are going for a competetive list or a fun list... If the former where is your Hydra(s), Xbows, Knights? (EDIT just read you don't fancy these in here)

Corsairs look very nice models but don't do as well as you would think. Black guard are better than executioners...

Overall your first list is a khaine themed list which is nice. The witch Elves will die in droves and there is no reason for the enemy to come to you bar you magic... Just a few thoughts.

More will come later via email :)
Kraggi said…
Honestly it was just a mess around list.

I was trying to debate a new army for Warhammer... needing an evil one really to counter my Dwarves.

It was either these guys or Vampire Counts and I have decided on the Counts, however feedback on lists I post is always welcome, the easier for me to see where I over or underestimate my opponents is always good!
RTGamer said…
Oh i can definately help with VC lists they are my forte!

I'll send you an email in a few days and we can chat lists over...
Kraggi said…

I have had a few ideas for it so will get some lists posted and stuff in the next month or so (yes I currently have that many posts awaiting posting lol).