Spartan Games – Blog roll

Now I am sure I am not the only website out there that is posting information about the Dystopian Wars.

There is a tonne of info on the Spartan Games Forum, and at Fathoms Reach.

However neither of them currently have a Blog roll for people who Blog about Spartan games.

So my intent? Well that’s simple; I will accept any and all Blogs that post information on their Blog relating to any of the 3 Main Games that Spartan Games Produce. So that includes Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada and the Dystopian Wars.

This will help increase the visibility of all of our blogs, and makes it easier to find information on Spartan Games, tactics, and hobby tips.

This site doesn’t pull in huge numbers of hits a week, but at least people who look for Spartan Games stuff when they come here will be able to find other websites too.

If you would like me to add your Blog to this Blog roll then please drop me a line a comment below.

Also if you have the space, time and inclination if you can start a similar Blog roll on your website then please do. I think Spartan Games produces some very nice games, and increasing awareness of them, and the coverage they get, in addition to making content easier to find is always going to be a good thing. If you do start one, feel free to add this Blog, and don’t forget to throw a shout out for Fathoms Reach too!

So far my list only has a couple of Blogs, but this will hopefully grow over time, and if we can get a good link between all the Blogs going, it should become a good tool for people regarding Spartan Games.

So a quick bullet point:

If you Blog about any of Spartan Games Products (in Particular Dystopian Wars) then post a comment on this thread to get yourself added to the Blogroll.