Recon Fighter

So while musing my Dystopian War models, I decide that I wanted a slightly different way to represent the Tiny Tokens that were my Recon Flight.

These babies get to attach themselves to a Massive or Large class of ship, they then do not have to stay close to them, and are allowed to move around the battlefield quite happily.

They grant the ship a bonus of +1 to hit against any target that is in line of sight of the Recon Fighter. So if you normally needed 4's you would score a hit on a 3 instead. A nature 6 is the only way to get two hits and roll again though.

To represent these daredevil pilots (cause lets face it a Recon Flight basically has speed going for it and not much else) I decide to build them a special stand, show below in all its glory.

I wont lose track of where my Recon Flight is which is good, because something like that can be easy to forget.

The design of the stand is very simple... I took a Spartan Square base that I had spare (long story), and a Games Workshop flight stand. I then pushed the flight stand upside down into the Square base, clipped off the excess sticking out the other side and viola. One Recon Flight stand.

A simple thing, but one I think will prove usful, and doesnt look too bad. I can, depending on how adventerous I want to be, look at making the top of the stand an exact match for the Tiny Token... but not sure about that just yet.


Porky said…
Ingenious, and very pretty!

I'd leave it circular, first because I like the look, but also because future releases might need the flexibility.
RTGamer said…
I agree keep it as is. If you want to get super crazy carefully saw off your recon planes and have them sitting on the flight stand itself... That would be crazy though.

Good work dude.
Deacis said…
Nice idea! Looks good.