Recommended Blogs

Ok, so a quick post today, mainly to let you all know about a couple of Blogs that are just new starting up, and will greatly appreciate your comments, advice and input.

The first is a good friend from across the pond, this guy was our Warhammer Guru when he was up here in Scotland and I dont see it having changed much since he left us.

Without further ado I give you RTGamer and his blog Lost in Gaming.

The second is one of the fastest painters I know... I mean seriously I left him a pot of the new Foudation Paint red and he had painted 5 tanks and 100 marines in it about an hour later!

He plays Tau, Marines, Gobilns n Orc (intended rearrangement) and High Elves, like RTGamer he will appreciate your support and advice in any way you can.

So this time I give you Dragkon and his blog Dragkon's Den.

If you get the chance hop over to their websites, have a browse around and see what they are saying!


RTGamer said…
Guru is a little strong but thanks Kraggi. My blog is just starting out but the regular updates will be coming... Next week is a winter basing tutorial so look out for that...

Thanks again Kraggi.