Rambling about Warhammer.

So I was just having a quick look through my upcoming blogs and realised that the next few are all about Warhammer... as I am still waiting on my Dystopian Wars delivery, its kinda stopping me write about it and paint it lol.

With regards to Warhammer I am sure most of my readers know that the Dwarves have for a very long time held a place in my heart. This I do not see changing, however what I do want to do is get myself another 'bad guys' army.

I have the left overs of a Warriors of Chaos army, but there are several people in the store collecting these already, so my plan is to sell these models (something I will post up when I have compiled the list), in selling them I intend to get some money towards my new evil army.

My choice at the moment is between two. One of which I used to play when I first started Warhammer, and the other of which has had a continous appeal I have managed to resist.

They are: Dark Elves and Vampire Counts. I am pretty sure I am going to be doing a Vampire army, and part of this is because of how cheap I can get Undead Models from Mantic games, however the draw of the Dark Elves is still there.

So over the next week or two I will be posting at least one Army list of each of these armies, please let me know what you think of the army lists as any help in making the decision is always appreciated.