A Quick Game - Photos

Another quick post, top loaded with pictures.

Here are the few shots that are usable from the quick game of Dystopian Wars that my brother and I managed a couple of days after I got the book.

Having not read the rules fully we got a few bits wrong, but generally had a good laugh. Apologies for the poor quality of the terrible paint jobs.

Here are two shots of the initial setup we managed. We are basically playing on the back of a Games Workshop gaming mat, with a series of hills representing islands. It is a black black sea!

The shot below shows two frigates out of a squadron of three, both down to 1 hit point each. Useful to point out that if you dont allocate your shots right the enemy might have lots of half damaged models ready to strike back!

Here is the Pride and joy of the Prussian Airforce. As you can see I decided to keep the squadrons on the Carrier at the beginning of the game, and the flight deck is conviently the right length to place all the tokens on it... a good way methinks to mark out what has actually landed on the Carrier and what has taken off! You will notice this is where I had my Fleet Commodore by the token on its base.

With a shot of one Carrier I couldnt resist a shot of the other. Again my brother places his Commodore on his Carrier too, then surrounded it with Tiny Tokens and a few frigates for fire support. Still all of that was not enough to stop a Rudder Damage and 3 hull points being done to it.

(Yes I appreciate the Six tokens infront of the Carrier exceed the maximum squadron size for Tiny Tokens... and yes we didnt play the fuel rules in this game).

And here as a final shot a brief high up shot of the battle in progress. Hopefully next time I post these pictures we will have blue seas, real Islands and more painted Mini's.

What can I say... I was desperate to have a game lol.