Prussians - Work in Progress

 Ok, so another post for my Dystopian Wars... probably posting too often at the moment, most of you will be sick of my website...well I hope not.

So here we have some Work in Progress shots of the Prussian Navy being painted up.

The steps I have taken for this are quite simple:

1. Undercoat Black
2. Drybrush a Metallic Metal Colour
3. Pick out the Deck Sections with a Brown
4. Paint the grating around the main turrets Red, I used Scab Red from the GW range.

So onto the pictures, here are fours shots of the Battleship, still missing its middle turret as that one I will leave interchangable for another turret or a generator.

Now we have the Cruiser shots, to keep the fleet looking uniformed I have stuck with the same scheme. It also makes it easier to add future models to the collection.

Finally we have two shots of a Frigate in progress.

All of the models still need lots of work, but these pictures will make sure I get the finished products posted here.

I was going to post some pictures of the Prussian Airship, however I changed my mind on how I was going to paint that so its not really got much going for it at the moment.


Tom said…
Looking really good, but seriously John,
"a Metallic Metal Colour" !?! WTF is that?
Kraggi said…

I didnt want to specify any particular paint colour or supplier.

These guys are been painted with the P3 paints from the Khador set I boguht and GW paints too.

Also you should have seen the metallic green paint I used to have...
RTGamer said…
Yeah be more specific! ;)

I really like these though nice work.
Hephesto said…
Does indeed look great and helps me to get some inspiration for my ships. I was lucky enough to win a fleet and the rulebook in a draw I wasn't even aware off I was involved in over at Tabletop Fix.

Out of curiosity, does the undercoat work directly over the resin or should we clean it first. I know from experience with Forge World kits that resin can be a tricky thing.
Kraggi said…
They are similar to the Forgeworld models.

I meant to give them a good clean but in my excitement to get them started didnt.

The only model I had a problem with was the Blimp, and that wasnt very bad.

They are dont feel like they are covered in residue when you open them, or at least the two boxes I got didnt feel that way. Hope the info helps!