Prussian Sky Fortress - Pictures!

So here are my shots of the WIP on my Prussian Sky Fortress... certainly one of the beefiests models I have had the pleasure of owning for its size.

Firstly let me say how relieved I am... yes relieved. The biggest problem with my Firestorm Armada fleet was that they didnt sit on the flight stands very well, and while this may not be a problem for those skilled with a drill... I am not one of those people, so my ships were doing things and manovourers no one would have thought possible on a flight stand.

This is not the case with this (or any other flier in Dystopian Wars) beauty. The holes for the flight stands are easily deep enough and the right size.

So the picture below shows you the full contents of the pack. Not to shabby in my opinion. The fighter tokens are nice and will work much nicer than cardboard cut outs, the little stat sheet is also useful, as it can just be left near the model at all times.

So the picture below is just to give you a bit of an idea of the chunk of resin you get for the blimp.. without the nose cone 5"!

With the nose cone. Well this is where you can all see the poor level of my modelling skills, I green stuffed the end of the blimp so that it would be flat, as it was a little but uneven, although the finsihed job doesnt look too bad, I will see how it is after painting to decide if it is worth keeping or not, or if it needs a bit of a touch up.

And here she is in all her glory, nose cone included!

This is the underside of the flight deck with the struts glued on, I didnt want to glue the whole model as some sections will be a bit too difficulty to paint otherwise.

Finally the three pictures below are of a 'dry fit' of the three main components, the blimp, flight stand and flight deck.

This picture shows there is a little work to be done when I go into the final assembly as the struts dont quite marry up with the blimp.. yet.
Well thats all guys for now, next time you see this baby should be in a mini paint guide... not that I can paint really well or anything but i may give people who lack confidence in their painting a bit of a boost to see my work in progress.

Tomorrow is my final post on the contents of my weekends purchases where we will be having a look at the double hulled Britannia Aircraft Carrier.


RTGamer said…
OOOO Blimpy!

I like it... If I hadn't just spent iover $150 on completing my WArmachine/Hordes book collection for MKII then I'd be all over this just now!

The Green Stuffing looks fine I doubt you will see it much once painted. A solid piece of kit.
Tom said…
Bloody hell - apparently size does matter!!

Looks good though.
Kraggi said…
It does just look awesome doesnt it lol.

Balances quite nicely on the stand too.

Am aiming to get a game in somehow this week or so then will get some ingame pictures posted, and hopefuly of it being painted.