Prussian Battlegroup - Pictures!

So here we have my first break down of the contents of a Battlegroup fleet. This time I am looking at the Prussians, and I have to say I am impressed!

I didnt expect anywhere near as much as I got in this box. So lets cover off what you get for your £34.50

You get:

1 Battleship (with Multiple Turret Options)
3 Cruisers
9 Frigates
2 Bombers (including flight stands)
10 Fighter Tokens
4 Laminated Stat sheets (for Battleship, Cruiser, Frigates & Bombers)
4 Token Sheets.

So this photo shows you all of the model contents from the box.

This one is of the Battleship with all of its turret options.

Here are the three cruisers with their turrets.

The 9 Frigates, please note I have deliberately taken pictures including the flash to give you an idea of what you are going to get in your boxes. This flash came off really easily.

Two Bombers with their flight stands.

10 Fighter tokens, 9 of which came attached, and just needed a quick knife between them to seperate them.

And the last photo is of the tokens... nice that they have included all the tokens you could need in one Battlegroup!

Tomorrow - the Britannia Battlegroup


RTGamer said…
It looks really really good. I'll be picking mine up in the new year. Have you played a game yet? What are the rules like? I need answers!
Kraggi said…
I have played a game, good rules as no matter how damaged something is it can always have a chance of doing damage to another target. The one game i played got a few rules wrong, playing it again this Friday at DWARF, will have some pictures by then too.

Also have nearly finished writing the review of the game that should be on the site next week.