The Path of Chaos

Editted to include information on Wounds, and how a Character may die!

This post is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, so I figure I would put it out there and see what if any feedback I got from you, my wonderful readers. It may be a bit of a curve ball for Christmas Eve, but I wouldnt want to be predictable.

Now my Warriors of Chaos army was (I say was as I am in the process of selling all the models, but that doesn't mean an idea shouldn't be posted lol.) going to start off as an unmarked and unbranded army, however as games progress and the army gets played the Characters are going to get upgrades.

They also have the chance to die. Each Character gets a number of Wounds equal to the the wounds on their profile. Each time they die in Battle they lose a wound. If they reach 0 wounds then each further time they take a toughness test. If they fail the toughness test then they are dead! You need to remove their name from your roster, and begin a new Character from scratch!

Until I have one of my Characters with a Mark of Chaos the rest of the army is not going to get a chance to receive a Mark. That seems only fair, because you wouldnt follow someone who promised you Blessings of the Dark Gods and then you go and get their Blessing first.

So how was I going to work this? Well in a very similar way to that of my Dwarf army, but I am going to operate an Experience system for my Characters, and when they have a Suitable Mark my units will also be able to get Experience.

It is going to be a very simple system, as I don't want anything to give me a headache, just to add a little more attachment and flavour. So here is how I am going to work it:

+1 Experience for Suriving the Battle
+1 Experience for Winning the Battle
+10 Experience for Killing a Character or Monster
+1 Experience for Winning a Challenge.
+1 Experience for each Irrsistable Force
+1 Experience for each Kill, either in Close Combat or through Magic.

No negatives in this system, if the Character dies then they lose a life, and as discussed previously, if they lose enough lives then they have to start passing toughness tests each time they die... failing one with no lives left means they die, and I have to go and recruit a new Character who will then start to skill up.

So what does the experience get me?

Well here is how it is going to work. The Characters are going to have to spend experience to get Marks of Chaos, Magic Items, or to be upgraded to a Lord slot character.

Mark of Chaos: 20 Experience
Magic Item: 30 Experience
Lord Upgrade: 50 Experience

The first two should be easy to obtain as I hope it wont take them too long to get this experience, the third will take a bit of working towards, but that is fine.

So who are my current, unmarked Characters? Well here we go:

General Freich the Flayer
Exalted Champion of Chaos, Shield, Chaos Runesword
As my General I felt that Freich should start with some Magic item, this explains to some degree why he is the General.
Freich was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, and lived on the streets of Middenheim. During this time he quickly learnt to beg or steal to survive. At the age of 12 he was offered an oppourtunity of work by local gang. The gang itself specialised in highway robbery, and it was at the age of 13 the Freich killed his person. One of their intended victims fought back and tried to escape on foot, however Freich tracked him through the forest, and in the dead of night attacked. He managed to subdue the travller with ease, and then proceeded to flay him over by his camp fire. Freich never knew what possessed him to perform such a brutal act, however once he had begun on the path it unlocked something within him. He proceeded to hunt travllers during the night. When the gang leader found out he was disgusted, killing people for money was one thing, but the actions that Freich took were another. He and his men tried to ambush Freich at their camp, however Freich eluded them. Somehow he knew that he had to leave, just minutes before they arrive. Freich began to wander, and his wandering took him to the blighted Chaos Waste. When there he found had a vision of Tzeentch, calling him to power and demanding that he seek out Tzeentch's blessing through battle. During the vision Freich was given a Blade and Armour, when he woke the blade was in his hand, the armour on his body. Since then Freich has travelled the wastes gathering an army to do Tzeentch's bidding, and win the Gods favour.

Bas Glanch the Bearer
Exalted Champion of Chaos, Battle Standard, Additional Hand Weapon
Bas Glanch does not know where he was born, nor does he remember his childhood. The first thing he remembers are the Chaos Wastes. He was without purpose until he was found by Friech. Or rather until he found Friech. He saw the lone warrior searching the wastes and was drawn to him. Bas does not remeber how he got the armour or weapons he carried, nor did he understand what the banner he had would be used for. When he found Friech he felt something, somewhere 'click' into place. It was a click that he heard clearly in his head as he approached Friech, a click that Friech heard too. From that moment on they were bound together, and Bas follows Friech sure in the knowledge that he is right where he is meant to be.

Ulstar the Wizard
Chaos Sorcerer, Lore of Death, Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Ulstar was once a member of the Colleges of Magic, and while there he spent his time devoted to studying and learning the Lore of Death. His studies allowed him to finely control the magical power that Death possessed, and this knowledge helped fuel his quest for power. All those who got in his way while he worked towards attaining a higher rank within the Colleges of Magic would mysteriously die. It wasnt until one of his would be targets survived that he was found out, and he barely fled in time to keep his life. He then hired himself out to the outlying Empire towns and villages. During this time he was confronts with Freich, he tried casting his magic to rid the town that was paying him of this nuisance Warrior of Chaos, and it all failed. When Freich drew close, he found himself unable to strike Ulstar down. Then out of nowhere they both experienced a vision of the Shared glory they would gain if they worked together, the boon of Tzeentch if they could only gain the Gods favour. Ulstar saw how he could gain more power, and Freich saw how he could use Ulstar to the Gods will. From then then Freich joined forces with Ulstar, and both wrecked havoc wherever they went. At this time Freich's army began to grow, with three powerful followers of Chaos men started to follow him.


RTGamer said…
This is golden! Golden I tell you...

I have been looking for a way to do this with my armies and I think that your system is solid maybe a few tweeks here and there but solid none the less...

I can see any Wizard becoming a lord first though due to the distuctive nature of the spells...

What about the wounds thing if they die how does that work?
Kraggi said…
Hmm... honestly thought I had that bit included, must be hidden somewhere in my notes.

Will ferret it out, and add it to this post as soon as I get home.