My Win/Loss/Draws

Another random ramble.

Why post my Win, Losses and Draws on the internet?

Well as you can see from the numbers its not to stroke my epeen. Some games systems are more favourable than others, but none of them are the W20, L2, D1 that always seem to appear on Forum posts. That is not to say that there arent people out there with these sort of ratio's, just that the only people that post them are people who rarely lose.

This little sideboard of the blog gives me a good way to check out how many games I have played, an actual number, not a guesstimate. It means that if I ever start an post about how high and mighty I am and how often I win... then the figures are there for people to puncture my swollen head and bring me back to earth.

I also like stats, I like knowing how well or badly an army is performing for me, not that this will ever be a part of why I drop an army... or at least I hope that it wont be.

I also think its good to post stats like this on the internet to prove that not everyone who posts stats on the net is a 99% winner.

If you do post stats similar or worse than mine, then please do not take offence, its simply a case that I havent seen the said stats. If this ends up with a long line of comments telling me I am wrong with evidence as to why I am wrong, then all the better as I think it is a good thing that people dont mind saying... yup I play this game, and I pretty much sucked at it when I started playing... and I still suck at it now (see my Magic Stats for this evidence).

I think seeing this on the net conifrms that the people you are reading blogs from are human and make mistakes... it confirms that everyone has to learn how to play, how to win and how to draw. It also shows you have to learn how to lose... because you are going to lose. Any game involving Luck eventually has a day where you find the luck just leaves you... every roll fails for you and works for your opponent, and no army no matter how well written, designed or played can win in a circumstance where everything goes wrong for you and right for your opponent.

Anyway... thats enough of my random ramble, here are the current stats for you:


That's my record. I don't have it in my forum sig because I'm too lazy to keep updating my sig.

I never took the w/l/d numbers of people on the forums too seriously. I've seen too many people claim "oh, that was a practice game, so it doesn't count". Surprisingly, people lose a lot more practice games that "real" games.

My record includes EVERYTHING because even practice counts. I even back up the numbers with actual evidence on my blog:
Ginge said…
I don't do it publicly, but I've been keeping a spreadsheet since the start of the year out of my own interest. I got onto a 16 game undefeated streak when playing a campaign with my orks, though since 8th edition has come out and I've started playing Fantasy more my record has suffered. I've not done an in depth analysis, just a quick tally for now, but I'm looking at 38 Wins, 12 Draws and 19 Losses in all competitions. So I'm quite proud of myself.

Of those losses, 10 of them have come against one friend, who has become something of a nemesis for me (it's his skirmish skink army in fantasy in particular that causes me problems) and he personally has dragged my stats down some... on the bright side he doesn't have a perfect record against me, and I beat the snot out of him in Spearhead on Monday :oD
Warhammer39999 said…
Like you, I post my wins and losses not to brag about them, but to get a bearing on how well I'm actually doing.

I'm often accused of winning too much, so it's nice to be able to direct people to my blog to see that I only win about half of my games. Likewise, since they're broken out by army, I can see which forces I'm neglecting.

As of this moment, my record stands at:

Eldar - W: 2 L: 0 T: 1
Daemons - W: 1 L: 0 T: 1
Tyranids - W: 7 L: 2 T: 2
Marines - W: 5 L: 3 T: 1

Clearly, I need to play more with my Eldar/Daemons so I can get some good losses under my belt. :)
Kraggi said…
And this is what I get for writing posts and not checking them before they get posted automatically... forgot to include my current stats lol.

I like the idea of the record you have Inquisitor Lord Aki... might pinch that if you dont mind :-)

I used to have a full blown spreadsheet (am a bit of an excel nerd) for my Dark Eldar back in 2003, I managed around 49 games with them that year and had around a 60% win rate... mainly due that I never lost against High Elves for some reason.

I have managed (just) to get myself down to one army per system, I couldnt do it with 4 armies in one gaming system like you Warhammer39999, although my stats clearly show my Khador and Trollbloods need some serious work to get their game time up lol.
RTGamer said…
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RTGamer said…
I myself am on a Gaming Drought at the moment but I was on W9-L0-D1 for my 7th edition Lizardmen.

The spreadsheet idea is good one... Off to excel.