My Dystopian Nations

So while launch day was a little while ago, I finally have my hands on the models in question... I have to say they are actually better to look at and put together than I expected!

The two nations I chose were: the Prussian Empire (mainly because of the Airballon Carrier) and the  Kingdom of Britannia. The Kingdom of Britannia has some awesome Ships.

From the Info on the Website I already knew these two would be good enemies, as the Prussians recently launched a lightning raid into the very heart of Britannia by raiding London and attacking Parliment (oh how many of us living in the UK would like the chance to do that!).

Below are pictures of all of my purchases... individual pictures of the contents will follow in upcoming posts.

Apologies for poor picture quality... was kinda rushed, all of the pictures of the actualy models will be the best I can do for you tho.


Ginge said…
I have been watching this release with interest - from my limited experience with Uncharted Seas the game system Spartan games has come up with is simple and quick to learn, and I beleive they use the same system for Dystopian Wars, which has helped sell the game to me. I don't have any models as yet, but they are on my christmas list for family and friends to peruse ;oP

I was sorely tempted by the Prussians myself, particularly that airship, but in the end I settled for dear old Brittania - my patriotism shone through :oP Right now trying to convince friends to buy a fleet box each if I buy a fleet box and rulebook, see if I can sell them on the game.

If the models are like the Uncharted Seas ones you shouldn't have any problems with assembly, and while I'm a quick painter and managed to paint my entire fleet in a day, even slower painters should be able to get their fleet up to scratch in pretty swift order :o)
Kraggi said…
I have been trying to convince people to buy the models, but as the last two systems Spartan released have lost their following people are relucant to.

I am fortunate that the game system and models have just stolen my imagination so I pretty much intend on buying everything they release for this system.

The rules are better written too which is a good bonus too.

The Prussian airship is worth picking up, even if you have to make it an objective... or a captured airship or something the model is just awesome!