Model Associate Rules - MARs

Apologise if you read the initial posting of this... my bloggin betrayed me by posting random comments and bits at the bottom of the post... turns out you should proof read your posts before scheduling!

I have seen a lot of people asking for information on the difference in the races in the Dystopian Wars so they can figure out which one they want to play.

My opinion of this is that people should do their best to pick the Nation that has the models they like the most... you are gonna have to look at them, so it makes sense.

However I know people also like to know what type of things their Nation of choice will excel at. Now I am sure that you can find out the stats of the different ships to compare the different races, BUT where the real difference lies is in the Model Associate Rules (or MARs for short).

These rules can make the same model have two different purposes. One may mean your weapons kill Assault Points, making the ship more vulnerable to boarding, and less capable of launching one. In this case your fleet would be a lot more comfortable getting up close and personnal with the enemy.

Another rule makes your carriers more likely to suffer from being Critically Hit.

Even the Tiny Tokens benefit from it, with some moving an extra 2" a turn, to others having a chance to prevent driven off or destroyed results.

This is where the game really shines. These rules are easy enough to keep track of as the names of them are all displayed on the stat cards for your given model, however they add such a different feel to the fleets it can completely change the way in which you play your fleet.

You can ignore the rules (and I would suggest doing so for your first game or two) but when you add them in they bring extra flavour to the fleets and the game, it also helps spark you imagination as the armies wage war and fight their battles.


Porky said…
Thanks for putting this out. I think people need to know something about how a system works before they take the plunge. This game's looking better every day!
Kraggi said…
No problem, its a fine balance of trying to give people enough info to pick up the book, without meaning they dont feel they need the book lol.

The MARs feature is really nice, as they have said any future models that are not in the book (and there are alot of model stats in the book itself) with come complete with mini stat cards, and their rule names printed on them, so that way you dont need anything other than the model and stat card to be able to use it.
RTGamer said…
Nice i like the card method to keeping rules infront of you without having to look through endless pages!

Now all we need is a review of how the Air, Land and sea combat combines... please?
Kraggi said…
Hmmm... well cant do all three till I have got me hands on some Land models now can I?

Go make Spartan release em faster please!

Just had a game with my Brother last night which was relatively slow to begin with but then in Turn 4 I think half of the ships on the table were sunk!

Will be doing a post on it in the next couple of weeks as I have lots of Photos.