Dystopian Wars - More Previews!

So another day another post... this is what happens when I have so many things I want to post about, and trying to keep up with the new stuff that Spartan games are throwing out. This is about a week late, as I believe Spartan Games posted it on the 3rd December, but late or not here is their latest render.

Below is a preveiw of the new French Battleship that will be released in the future. 

It has been confirmed by Spartan that when this model is released the box you get will include a flying version (so the complete model shown below) and a Sea Line version for use when flying just wont cut it (I have no idea when that will be lol).

This model is yet another example of wonderful design and with all the others they have released I have to say that I LOVE IT! 

Also I have included this weeks previews that just make me want the rumoured Aerial Battlegroups even more!

Here they are for Britannia

The FSA:

The Prussian Empire
 The Empire of the Blazing Sun:

 Finally below is a shot of all the renders next to each other.

So another batch of Previews, and another set of models that I know I will not be able to resist!


RTGamer said…
I'm liking the Britts even more and more i see this stuff... Who will the french fight with or are they a faction on their owne...

I am loving your Dystopian reviews and previews definitely wetting my appetite.
Kraggi said…
Ty for the compliment RTGamer, thats the aim of the reviews and previews lol.

The French fight as a allies of the Prussians I believe... they have basically pushed the Brits right back with their Airforce.