Britannia Carrier - Pictures

 Here we are again, fourth day of posting, fourth day of Dystopian Wars. Hopefully none of you are sick of it yet, because I sure as sure am not!
This time we are looking at the model for the Britannia Carrier... now this model did not appeal to me to begin with, but it grew on me, and now I am glad to own one. It is an awesome mini, easy to put together, and as with most of the things Dystopian Wars... chunky!

Below is a picture of contents of the pack again... a nice amount of resin, and the 6 fighter tokens. Those bring me upto 16 Britannia Fighters and 16 Prussian Fighters.

As I didnt take a close up picture of the Prussian flight deck I thought I should do here. This has the command and control components slotted in place.

Here are a few shots of the hull dry fitted together, I wont be gluing any of this until the actual battleship hulls are painted. As you might notice the two hulls are the same as the Battleship hull from the Battlegroup, once completed though I dont think you can tell its the same core model. 

This shot includes the hull with the four turrets in place, I forgot them in the earlier shots.

And here she is, this is the Carrier dry fitted together... the flight deck just slots into place and brings stability to the whole model. As with all the other pictures I hope to get a full guid of how I went about painting this.


RTGamer said…
Again very nice Kraggi...

I think that them being the same chassis is a good design. Afterall why would you design a completely different one ifyou can put 2 together to work?

Now get them built and painted!
Kraggi said…
I have three colours on my Prussian ships so far... slowly but surely I am getting there!