Britannia Battlegroup - Pictures!

Day two of my look into the contents of Spartan Games newest product. This time we are covering the Kingdom of Britannia Battlegroup.

This Battlegroup has the same contents as all the other battlegroups, but for simplicity I will list them below:

1 Battleship (with a few options for its turrets)
3 Crusiers
9 Frigates
2 Bombers
10 Fighters
3 Laminated Stat cards (for the Battleship, Cruisers & Frigates)
4 Token sheets.

So without further ado lets have a close look at the models that make up this Battlegroup... no overview shot this time guys, just close ups on the models themselves.

The beauty below is the Britannia Battleship. It comes in more pieces than its Prussian counter part, but it also has more turrest!

Below is a shot of the three Cruisers in this Battlegroup, a lot chunkier than the Prussian ones.

Again 9 Frigates, flash included. These are the only models with the noticeable amount of flash, still worth checking all of your Resin models for it, as you dont want ot miss it only to find it during painting!

The British bombers, again with flight stands, and again they balance very nicely on them without doing nose dives or ascents (unless you want them to I imagine).

10 Fighter tokens, there were more broken apart than the Prussian ones, not that it matters really.

And finally here is a close up of the Bomber... quite like this model actually!

And again the token sheets, yes I just copied the phone from yesterdays posted... I know I am lazy but oh well.

Tomorrow I will be having a look at the Prussian Sky Fortress which is a colossal model!


RTGamer said…
This is looking really good Kraggi. How much was the set?

Is that enough for a good starter game or would you add anything to it?
Kraggi said…
£34.50 for the Battlegroup, I got the Carrier to go with it as well, those pictures will be up on Friday but you can almost certainly get a good game with just that Battlegroup.

Also awesome models to paint. Hoping to get some of them painted for some posts next week.