2000 points of Dwarves

While I havent managed many games of Warhammer in the new Edition, here is a 2000 point Dwarf list that I hope to be able to use soon.

It does not have a lot of anti-magic, but it does have a nice basis of shooting, and a good solid block for combat.

Obviously the best way to find out how the army works is to play it, so I look forward to the chance to try it out and see how it performs.

For the Ironbreakers I am looking at picking up a box set of the Mantic Dwarves as they are different enough, and will save me a chunk of money.

Daemon Slayer; Rune of Speed x 2, Master Rune of Alaric the Mad

Runesmith; Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, Shield
Thane: BsB, Rune of Valaya
Thane: Oathstone, Shield, Runic Weapon, Rune of Fury x 2, Armour: Rune of Stone, Preservation

Dwarf Warriors (38); Shields Full Command
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Forging
Cannon; Forging, Burning
Ironbreakers (20); Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi


Corrected the post as some parts of it were less than clear.


RTGamer said…
Wow you really don't get a lot for 2000pts these days do you?

I think it looks solid though. How many Gyrocopters do you have?
Kraggi said…
Just the 1 Gyrcopter buddy.

Given how the escalation league is progressing not sure it will be the list i use when we reach 2000 points, but will be interesting to see how much it changes.