Models for Sale!

So my first post since Tyranid Fever... and a lot has changed in the last month or so.

So for the moment I am taking an extended break from 40k games. This has however allowed me to pick up with Warhammer once again, and my Dwarves have been out and about getting hit over the head on multiple occaisions (more on this in another post).

This means I have a long list of the models (see belw) I wish to get rid of, if you are interested in anything in particular, send me a message at: and I can send you an email with pictures of the models in question. If you like what you see then you can make me an offer, all sensible offers will be considered.

Payments will only be accepted by Paypal, or in person (this protects you and me), this is something I can happily discuss with you via email if you have any questions.

I am simply going down this route to try and sell the models, as i find selling stuff on ebay (especially in bulk) to be a real pain, however if this fails spectacularly then ebay it is lol.

Forgeworld Models
1 x Malanthrope
1 x Barbed Hierodule
1 x Crusher Fex
1 x Thunderbolt Fighter
1 x Necron Pylon

Necron Lord (Warscythe) x 2
Necron Lord (Resurrection Orb)
3 x Wraith
6 x Destroyers
3 x Heavy Destroyers
60 x Necron Warriors
8 x Flayed Ones
1 x Nightbringer
1 x Tomb Spyder
3 x Monolith
1 x Partly Converted Necron Super Monolith

1 x Hive Tyrant (With Lash Whip & Bonesword + Barbed Strangler)
1 x Hive Tyrant (With Twin Liked Death Spitters + Barbed Strangler)

3 x Lictors
2 x Zoanthropes
1 x 4th Ed Zoanthrope
1 x Broodlord
24 x Genestealers (With Extended Carapace + Scything Talons)
24 x Battle for Maccragge Genestealers
3 x Brood Warriors (Scything Talons & Rending Claws
3 x Flying Brood Warriros (Forgeworld Wings, Scything Talons, Spinefists)
2 x Brood Warriors (Scything Talons + Barbed Strangler)
6 x Brood Warriors (Scything Talons + Deathspitter)
1 x Brood Warrior (Scything Talons + Venom Cannon)
3 x Brood Warriors (Scything Talons + Devourer)
2 x Metal Ravenors (Scything Talons + Rending Claws)
7 x Carnifex (Varying Weapon Combinations)
20 x Hormaguants
60 + Termagaunts (Flesh Borer)
3 x Ripper Swarms
1 x Tyrant Guard

Dark Angels / Space Marines (A lot of the Tanks have Dark Angel Markings).
2 x Landraider
1 x Landraider Crusader
1 x Landraider Terminus
1 x Predator (All Lascannons)
1 x Predator (Heavy Bolter Sponsors, Autocannon Turret)
3 x Drop Pods
2 x Assault at Black Reach Dreadnoughts
2 x Assault at Black Reach Tactical Squad
4 x Tactical Squads (Exact Break down can be emailed upon request)
1 x Devastator Squad (5 Man, 2 Lascannon, 2 Rocket Launcher)
1 x Devastator Squad (5 Man, 4 Plasma Cannon)
1 x Assault Squad (Dark Angel Bodies, 5 Man)
1 x Vanguard Squad (Standard Boxed Set)
1 x Veteran Squad (10 Man, All with Combat Shields, Flamer, Power Fist, Rocket Launcher)
1 x Dark Angel Captain
1 x Sammuel Master of the Ravenwing Landspeeder
1 x Landspeeder
3 x Dark Angel Bikes (Meltaguns on Each)
1 x Dark Angel Bike (Plasma Gun)
2 x Dark Angel Attack Bike (Multi-Meltas)
4 x Dark Angel Bikes
1 x Dark Angel Sergeant (w/ Power Fist)
1 x Dark Angel Sergeant (w/ Powersword)
1 x Terminator Captain
20 x Terminators (Can be bough individually or in squads with a specific loadout, email me what you would like).
1 x Razorback with Twin Linked Lascannons
1 x Razorback with Twin LInked Heavy Bolters

I will try and get back to some regular posting for my Models in the near future, I just need to clear some serious shelf space.