Painting for Points (+16 points)

So... since I listed my Painting for points I have managed to update it a total of  times... and finished 2009 with 0 points. However now I have found the thrice damned USB cable to link my Camera to the computer I should be able to get more pictures up more often. Yaay!

Well thats not entirely true, I painted loads, however with no pictures to show people it felt cheap to just update the total... so I have spent some time taking pictures of the models I have finished painting this year so I can update the points total, something I hope to do at least once a month this year.

So for my first update here is my Blood Bowl team, which was bought and painted back in October. The team name is Clan Krag

Name: Kraggy, Blizter
Name: Kraggle, Blizter
Name: Kragglepool, Runner
Name: Krageth, Runner
Name: Kraggi, Slayer
Name: Kraggikin, Slayer
Name: Krag, Lineman
Name: Kraggin, Lineman
Name: Kragpod, Lineman
Name: Kraggleon, Lineman
Name: Kraggyit, Lineman
Name: Kraggel, Lineman

Admittedly the only model I dont have a closer up picture of is my Snorri Slayer conversion (not that I did much too it). I managed to find the special edition Snorri Slayer model, in a local shop, and picked him up to convert to be one of my Slayers. He is in the first pictue, but not in any of the others... will try and get a picture of him posted in the next week or so.

These guys were fun to paint, and althought I havent managed many games since getting them finished it is nice to have a Blood Bowl team ready to rock and roll when I need get a game. The next team I am looking at getting is the Dark Elves.

I have played Dark Elves before, but never actually owned the Blood bowl models for them, so that is something to look into over the next 6 months or so.