A New Year

Well, first things first. HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all. Secondly, apologies for the silence over the last month or so, busy times meant my Blogging fell by the wayside.

So this month has a very exciting start to it, with the 40K doubles tournament in 7 days (less counting when we actually start gaming). I have to say I still dont have all my models painted... however I am working on it and am sure I will have it all done before we head to Nottingham.

I have also seen some doubles tournament lists from a few other fellow bloggers, the scariest one so far being the one from the Vanus Temple. Definately worried about facing those guys...

So as he posted a brief description of the scariness he will unleash, I figured I would do the same, this is my official list, 750 points of goodiness that should give it a good go.

The alliance is (as previously mentioned) as Space Wolves and Imperial Guard team, with the Space Wolves playing the roll of beleagured defenders, with the Imperial Guard providing the reinforcements (an amusing thought).

My force consists of:
Company Command Squad, 3 Flamers, Meltagun, Astropath, Meltabombs for Company Commander.

Sly Marbo

Veteran Squad: 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad: 3 x Flamers

Fast Attack
Valkayrie: Multiple Rocket Pods

This list gives me a lot of options with reserves, and will some good rolls should give most opponents a good game... that is assuming that their 1500 points doesn't wipe out my Space Wolf Allies 750 point army in the first 2 turns.

My Space Wolf allies pack some serious punch in the firepower department, and to maintain some element of surprise for anyone else attending the Tournament their list remains hush hush... as it has changed a fair bit from the ones I have previously posted.

Anyone who reads this and intends to be at the tournament feel free to look me up, I shall be the one with the just-well-enough-painted-to-be-shown-at-a-tournament Blue and Grey Imperial Guard.