The Book of Grudges

Herin are written the Grudges our clan holds to this day. All Grudges Henceforth will be added to this book lest we forget any of them.

December 2010
1000 Points vs Warriors of Chaos (Tom) – Win, 438 Points

November 2010
750 Points vs Empire (Chaos Dave) – Win, 150 Points
750 Points vs Warriors of Chaos (James) – Loss, 146 Points
750 Points vs Undead (Caz) – Loss, 850 Points

Matches prior to this date are not recorded as they are not in 8th Edition.

This will be updated as and when I play new games as a detailed record of how I am doing, while it doesnt marry upto to the stats I have on the left hand side of the blog exactly it will give me a good size list over time. And its always useful to know who I hold the most Grudges against.