Doubles Doubles Doubles (feedback requested)

Two Weeks of silence… been pretty busy here in Scotland, however I have managed to get in a few games.

We currently have the Doubles Tournament due for the 9th & 10th January, so myself and my team mate have been refining our team lists and getting in some practice games.

So far we only have managed 2 games, both of which were victories, and both of which were against 1 persons 1500 point list.

Now we figure (rightly or wrongly) that playing one person with their standard 1500 point list should give us a comparable challenge to playing 2 peoples combination.

The basic rules for picking our Force are:

• Both Armies share 1 Force Organisation Chart
• Both Armies must have 1 HQ
• Both Armies must have 1 Troop
• You cannot take a Second Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support unless your Force already has 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack & 1 Heavy Support, to take a 3rd of any slot, you must have 2 Elite, 2 Fast Attack & 2 Heavy Support
• Each Force cannot cost more than 750 points.

I also thought that feedback from people who read this blog is always gonna help, so without further ado here are the lists we are currently testing:

Imperial Guard (Me)

Company Command Squad: 3 x Flamers, Vox Caster, Plasma Pistol (for Company Commander), Carapace Armour.
Veteran Squad: Grenadiers, 3 x Meltaguns, Vox Caster
Veteran Squad: Grenadiers, 3 x Flamers, Vox Caster

Fast Attack:
Valkyrie: 2 Multiple Rocket Pods
Valkyrie: 2 Multiple Rocket Pods

Space Wolves (Tom)

Rune Priest: Terminator Armour

Lone Wolf: Mark of the Wolfen
Lone Wolf: Mark of the Wolfen
Grey Hunter Squad: (6 Men), Plasma Gun
Grey Hunter Squad: (10 Men), Plasma Gun, Flamer

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs : (6 Men), 5 Rocket Launchers
Long Fangs : (5 Men), 3 Lascannons, 1 Multi-Melta

We are both very happy with these lists, however we are open to feedback, and any tweaks people think are worthwhile. I will say that I know those are the models that Tom has in his list, I am not 100% in the specifc gear for each squad so the points will probably come up short.

I am debating dropping the Multiple Rocket pods on one Valk so I can have Marine Killer One Shot Rockets, and either an Astropath or an Officer of the Fleet.

In our last game my Guard took no losses, and the Veterans only use was to make the Valks Scoring by being inside them.

The idea we have behind this is that the Imperial Guard are coming in to rescue the Space Wolves (a bit of role reversal) and we intend to have a back story to explain why (will get it uploaded once it is written).

Any suggestions or comments please let me know


Tom said…
That is indeed the models I have, and the only thing you've missed off is the Chooser of the Slain for the Rune Priest, not surprising since I always forget to use it.
Kraggi said…
Dang you and your forgotten abilities!!! Three games I say, three games!!! Never has this Chooser been seen on the battlefield.
Tom said…
Really must get round to actually building the Chooser of the Slain - only a week and a bit to go now!