Dinav - The Action

It has been a good couple of weeks since the big Apoc game, however I still have the photos of the action to upload.
We didnt get Snap shots of every single big fight in the battle, however I will give you a brief run down of the ones that we have.
To begin with... here is an overall shot of the final deployments.
Now onto the Action shots we got from the Defensive lines;

This shot shows the Carnifex Screamer Formation hitting the Imperial Guards trenches, the unit of Guardsmen was 50 Strong with about every type of upgrade they could need... Commissar, Pysker... was a long and drawn out fight (probably because of my bad dice rolls).
The next 3 shots show some different vies of this combat.
This shows the front of the Spaceports defensive Wall. From this side you can see where a section of the wall has been destroyed by the forces of Disorder. This shot again shows the Spaceport, with a lot of models beginning to appear, given that it contained the games objective, this area became very clustered.
This shot shows the Sisters of battle arriving to assist the beleaguered defenders. More shots of the action to follow tomorrow... this time the Daemon Prince and Titans get some picture time!


Tom said…
I'd forgotten just how much stuff was on those tables, and we're going to be doing a 24 hour game as well apparently!!!
Kraggi said…
Yuppers... the 24 hour one will be interesting... better idea of what to expect as well.