This Week in Games

Well this week didn’t go well for me. We tried another 1k Doubles Games, Tom using a Space Marine force with a Master of the Forge, Scouts, Dreadnought, Ironclad with Drop Pod. My forces had been adapted since my recent n00b mistake with the infantry command squads (see comments from previous week). Also may thanks to Raptor1313 for pointing that out… not sure where I misread the rule, but misread it I did. We played my Brothers Space Marines again and this time he took 2 HQ forces to level the playing field a bit. We rolled a Kill Point mission, and got to go first. The terrain was simple… 2 Bastions on the table and nothing else. In turn 1 we killed a Scout squad, and stunned a Dreadnought… and that was the only positive. We lost the game in the end 6-4 and never really stood chance. Bad decisions I think on our part (note a Master of the Forge Verus a Master of the Forge = Win for the Master of the Forge that does not move to get line of sight on the other). I then played a straight 1k list verus Toms 1k of Marines… and they walked the match. Nothing I did went right for me… and I mean nothing. In 3 turns of Shooting with the Guard I think I killed 2 Marines and Stunned a Vindicator. The list needs a rework… big time. I was rolling dice and even with twin linked and nice stuff like that I rolled all the 1’s & 2’s for shooting, and all my 5’s & 6’s for Ld checks… and that was over the course of three turns.. before the game was so far beyond me I conceded. I am actually so ashamed of my current 1k list I am not even going to post it… gonna have a little rework of it and go for revenge next week. The list probably wasn’t what lost the game for me… but it sure as hell didn’t help… so I am gonna work on a rejig and see what new toys I can fit in. ++++++++ Edited by the Inquistion for Useless Duplicated Data +++++++++


Tom said…
I know it was bad John but no need to post it twice!!
Joking aside - I have never seen anybody roll dice that badly, no-one comes close even myself and this is from someone who has rolled 8 1's and a 2 with 9 dice when needing 3 or more. I'm not sure the list is that bad it doesn't matter what you would have had on the table it's not going to work if you can't hit anything or your guard decide to run away when someone goes "boo".