Imperial Guard New 2000 points.

Here is the latest incarnation of my Imperial Guard, listed at 2000 points.

They recently took part in a 4 player game, we were sided with Orks (their faces were Blue, our Uniform was blue it made sense really) against 2 Space Marine players.

The game took about 4 hours, and resulted in me gluing around 25 models in the shop downstairs before I could use them upstairs.

The List runs to the following Tune:

Company Command Squad; Creed, 3 x Sniper Rifles, Astropath, Office of the Fleet, Vox Caster

Infantry Platoon:
Platoon Command Squad: 3 x Flamers, Vox Caster
1st Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, Autocannon
2nd Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, Autocannon
3rd Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
4th Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
5th Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
1st Heavy Weapon Squad: 3 x Mortars
2nd Heavy Weapon Squad: 3 x Lascannons

Veteran Squad: 3 x Meltaguns

Veteran Squad: 3 x Plasma Guns

Valkyrie Assault Carrier: Multiple Rocket Pods


Leman Russ Punisher: Heavy Flamer, Melta Sponsors

Leman Russ Demolisher: Heavy Flamer, Melta Sponsors

Leman Russs: Heavy Bolter Sponsors

This list comes in at bang on 2000 points, has 5 orders a turn, and the ability for ANY unit to outflank, in addition to 3 Fast Attack Outflankers.

It does consist of a minimum of 13 Kill Points, but that isn’t too bad for 2k of Guardsmen

It is also a lot better at taking out Armour, the spread of Squads with Heavy Weapons and 4 Orders a turn for FIRE ON MY TARGET! Really means that I can do some nice damage, still need the dice with me.

1 of the Vendettas is easily interchangeable for another Valkyrie Assault Carrier (I just so happen to have another with Multiple Rockets) and that means if I find I am too heavy in the Anti Tank department then I can retweak the list, as the Multiple Rocket pods do some serious damage to hordes.

The Company Command squad is a very juicy target, but if someone decides to take them out then the 4+ cover save from friendly squads and all of the other units mean that I can probably (I think) afford to lose them.

The main thing I will struggle with is Dreadnoughts… well Dreadnoughts in close combat. A couple of them Drop Podding infront of my lines does mean I need to work hard to knock them down, or at least Stun / Immobilise them so they cant get into combat, if they do then it will be difficult to take out all the rest of the army charging at me.

I have looked into investing in Krak Grenades for the Infantry Platoon, but this comes to 55 points, and I don’t really want to drop anything from the list at the moment.

Another twist on this list is to drop Creed, and for those 90 saved points I can get in another Infantry Platoon, by shifting around a couple of Infantry Squads, and the 40 points spare would work into some Krak grenades then I think.

All in all one game done so far, and the list performed well, however the Close Combat punch of the Greenskins could very well have hidden a lot of failings in the army.

I aim to get in several games this week and next week as lead into Games Day, hopefully some new opponents in the Tau may be gracing my battlefield… maybe.


Raptor1313 said…
I think it looks pretty nasty, overall. I'm not really sold on the Russ Punisher, or melta sponsons in general. I think a Russ Punisher with Pask in it is a bit of dakka overkill, but fun nonetheless. I think you'd be served better with a second demolisher, though, and no melta sponsons. While it'll get in range to use them, the problem is that on the move, you get one BS3 multi-melta, which is not so reliable. Demolisher + Heavy Flamer + smoke launchers = sufficient for advancing.

If you want to drop Creed, you could always do so and then plan on combining infantry squads to improve order efficiency. Watching 20 guys go 'First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire' can actually drop some stuff.

The other complaint is a bit minor, but I think a BS3 autocannon is more threatening than a BS3 missile launcher. The cannon just performs better against the same kinds of armor because of its volume of fire.

The other note is that I'm not sold on Heavy Weapon teams, as S6 is death to them. However, you might have enough targets to make folks look elsewhere.

I think if someone DOES drop-pod dreadnoughts, a couple heavy-duty russes, the meltaguns, and the vendettas will doa number on them.
Kraggi said…
Had a couple of games with this general list now, both with and without Creed.

The drop podding marines or dreadnoughts are the real killer.

Dreadnoughts less so than the marines... they tend to make a tank go poof, then die, the marines... they just survive everything i throw at them and then some. hehe.

The list is still being tweak, but only tweaked now, there are a couple of units I want to try out... the psyker battle squad is one of them.

As for 2 demolishers... not so sure myself, I have seen a lot of Vindicators running around, and even if they survive the whole game... their overal damage output is minimal... however saying that I can swap it about and see how it plays.