Games Day Uk & Painting points

So in a week I will merrily on my way to Games Day UK, my third ever and I am hopeful this one will still be enjoyable. My main concern for the event is the lack of seating, as with their change of location there will be considerably less space to sit. I am hopeful that the new Space Wolf stuff will be on offer, as I really want to read up on the Codex so I have an idea of what I am in for. I also have a list of Imperial Guard Upgrades that I want to try and get, I am a big believer of making sure my guardsmen have everything they need to survive in on the table top, and I am looking into all of the equipment back upgrades to see how much I can tool up my squads. I also intend to get 2-3 packs of the Grav Chute back packs, I intend to put them on my veterans to make the Grav Chute Insertion look even cooler (although i have never needed to do it in game yet). Moving on to the painting for points I started watching this, and intending to get some points on the board back in August, and now nearly 2 months on I find i haven't actually completed a model. I have around 60 guardsmen with 2 colours on each, the space hulk terminators all done in the correct colours (although no details) and another load of terminators, tanks and Valks which are all in varying stages of completion. I now fully intend to try and get as much painted as I can, I am angling to try and get myself a warhound for my Christmas, Birthday and probably next Christmas as well... but before I consider such a project I really need to finish some stuff off here. I aim in the next few weeks to try and get some pictures up of the models I finish, and hopefully this can be something that will motivate me to get more and more done.