Doubles Tournament, list revision 3.


After some serious reflection and rethinks I have tweaked (yet again) the 500 points army that I aim to use.

It will get another roll out Midweek.

I think I am beginning to get a better idea of what I need to do with the Guard, thanks to advice received here and the experience of games played.

Company Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns

1st Platoon
Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Flamers, Krak Grenades
Infantry Squad, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
Infantry Squad, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
Infantry Squad, Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
Infantry Squad, Vox Caster, Lascannon
Infantry Squad, Vox Caster, Lascannon

This list I feel is pretty flexible. I mashed it all into one platoon, to help me minimise the Kill Points the army might off, while in objective missions I am not really sacrificing any contesting units.

I have the best possible weapons for dealing with all manner of enemy armour, and this should help us out against mech lists.

While I don’t expect to see lots of AV14 tanks… it will be very embarrassing to see them and not have taken something that can penetrate at range.

Now just to wait and see what Tom takes in his 500 points, and that wont be fixed as it sounds like he is gonna go down the Space Wolf Route… so we will definitely have our close combat element without a problem.

I did debate taking some Autocannons, but the truth is I don’t have any of them assembled, or the models to do so, where as the Lascannons should knock down the Heavier Tanks, freeing up the Rocket Launchers to deal with lighter armoured tanks or large infantry blocks.

The only other option that I have debated is a revision of an earlier list.

Company Command Squad: Vox Caster, 2 Grenade Launchers

1st Platoon:
Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 Flamers
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Lascannon
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher

Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns

Valkyrie Assault Carrier: Multiple Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolter Sponsors

This one has a bit of a better chance against some armies, the Valkyrie can lay down a lot of shooting and against horde armies this could help a lot. Especially as all of it requires 4's or better to wound it, compared to the gun line strategy needing 5's.

The Veterans also allow the removal of at least 1 Tank early on… assuming my dice rolls don’t desert me again lol.