Directorate Infantry Upgrade Unboxing

This time our unboxing takes us to the Directorate Light Infantry Upgrade pack. 

More Piccys after the Jump! 

Directorate Recon Helix Unboxing

Time for another unboxing. This time the Recon Helix for the Directorate. 

Lots of pictures after the jump

The logical progression....

I love Cyberwarfare... there. I said it. Again. After my last post on this I decided to up the stakes. 

A new level of evil, after the jump!

Can you ever have too much Cyber?

I love Cyberwarfare... there. I said it. 

Bearing that in mind I decided to see what I could fit onto the table top.

For those of you that haven't played Planetfall Cyberwarfare is a type of weapon system that doesn't do direct damage. 

Instead you hack your opponent and get to apply some interesting affects. In the main people don't like Cyberwarfare because of the random nature.

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Direcotrate Command Helix Unboxing

Time for the Directorate Command Helix unboxing... there are a lot of models in this box, so be prepared for plenty of pictures, plus a couple with a random Ultramarine for scale comparisons.

Aquan Command Helix Unboxing

More pictures than sense in this one... but this is an awesome Helix to unbox and is only £50, or £40 if you are part of a Games Club that is part of the Games Club Network (and you buy direct from Spartan), that 20% discount will go far! 

This post includes a quick scale comparison (at the bottom of the post)

LOTS of pictures after the Jump!

As usual the box is packed with the helix, a free flyer and some nice packing bubble wrap (always useful to help me sell all the other things I don't play anymore! 

All the items from the box laid out, but not unbaked. 

All the contents of the Helix, Left to right, 8 Infantry Bases (all upgraded), 4 Marana's & 1 Malani! 

A couple of snaps of the Malani and all its components, this is the focus of the helix, and the model does not disappoint (later pictures show this in a bit more detail!)

The Marana's I already own four from the Recon Helix, and quite like them, looking forward to getting all 8 on the table top! 

The Two Crystals you can call in, although with no Sky Drop markers this guy will need to be used with other things that bring Sky Drop Markers to the table.

The Infantry, 1 command team base, 3 Gun bases and 3 Sweeper bases (the lizard riders at the bottom). No need to use the Infantry upgrade pack with this helix, it comes upgraded already! 

The Underside of the Malani, you will never see it in your game, but it still looks awesome with some great detail

The Malani with the gun turrets attached on top.

The Malani from behind, hopefully none of my opponents get this view too often! 

The final part of the Malani, without the Flash removed. 

Now for some daylight shots, and with flash removed. All the components to make the Malani.

The Malani complete with gun turrets

And finally, fully assembled, and boy does it make an intimidating sight face on.

The final couple of images were to show you the scale of this model next to an Ultramarine, mainly so you can get an idea of the size of the resin you are purchasing, and because they are one of the most recognisable models in the gaming industry so everyone should know the scale of this model. 

Aquan Ground Attack - the Final pictures!

Over an hour to spare and completed... its been a fun ride, and I look forward to my next helix... lots and lots of WIP pictures after the jump!

Aquan Ground Attack (Part 2)

Another couple of quick snaps of my work in progress for these guys.

The aim is to have them finished by midnight tonight, to submit to the Planetfall Painting Competition (Unofficial)... it can be found here.

So far I have to highlight the underside of all four models, touch up on the additional colours (other than the blue) with some highlights

Give the models their Earthshade wash, Gloss Varnish them (they look nice and slick like a race that evolved in water would in my mind) and then get the bases completed.

The bases should be straight forward once I get round to getting the glue for it out.

All in all, a lot to do around a normal working day, and a games club night tonight!

Painting Competition Ground Attack Helix - Work in Progress

A fair old number of pictures in this update... may even do a step by step painting guide on these guys in the future. 

Step 1: Remove the flash

Step 2: The undercoat (including the bases)

Step 3: The basecoat colours. 

In this case its Macragge Blue for the Aquans & Gorthor Brown for the bases

Step 4: The colours, adding Purple & Red to the sections of the models that need it. The red I will bring up to a light Orange / Yellow, and the purple I will just highlight

From the bottom and the top.

Step 5: 

Adding the second layer of the basic colour. In this case Hydra Turquoise from Army Painter. 

I have literally done one side of the hulls on four of the models, and you can see in some cases where I was holding the model (given that it doesn't have the paint yet!)

One more evening of painting (tonight), and then a little bit of Friday after my gaming club with an aim to finish them before the end of the 4th March!

Lots of fun! 

Aquan Ground Attack Unboxing

So, new Helix, new phone for the pictures... apparently new picture shapes!!!

More Piccys after the jump, these are the guys I intend to submit into the unofficial Planetfall painting comp on the forums.

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