Gaming in Feb

Not the most successful January gaming I have ever had, but overall still pretty happy with the games I have managed to play. 

Directorate vs Terrans - 3500, 19 / 1 (Loss)
Aquans vs Directorate - 5000, -9 / 5 (Win)
Aquans vs Directorate - 3500, -12 / 5 (Win)
Aquans vs Terrans - 3500, -2 / 12 (Win)

Crystellans vs Forgefathers - Won 4-0

Painting in Feb
Lots of little bits of work done on different models, but I havent actually managed to complete anything, no paint touched my Ultramarines, they are sitting on their shelf awaiting some TLC.

The Dindrenzi & Relthozan Core Helixes got a bit more work, edging them closer to completion.

While the Aquan Infantry Helix moved along with another base or two, I still have a number of these to get sorted.

The downside is I managed to swing another 5 boxes of Planetfall minis to paint... they will likely arrive this week.

The plus side is thats 5 unboxing posts, but it is also 5 helixes to paint. 

At the moment I think I need to finish the couple of Helixes that are on the verge of completing this month... that should set me up nicely for the other models. 

Dreadball: Marauders Team

A quick post to show my Marauder Team for Dreadball, 

I started out using this team and I quite like the Yellow & Purple scheme, each model is slightly different, but overall works as a team.

I have one model left to base, but then these guys are done! 

Painting for last year...

Somehow this fell out of my auto posting, but as its written and might be vaguely interesting I thought I would post it up.

I normally don't do much in the way of tracking my painted models, as generally I dont get that many models painted.

However this year, somehow, I have actually got an awful lot of models painted, so I thought it was time to revisit it.

Planetfall Mini Tournament

So last weekend it was one of my local clubs Saturday sessions, £2 for a day's gaming (9-6) not bad value at all me thinks. 

This time we managed to arrange an impromtu intro session / planetfall tournament. We only had 4 entrants, but at least we managed to represent all four races! 

We were also lucky enough to have the Games Designer Derek present to watch, comment (and occasionally help my opponent!)

Lots of piccys after the jump.

Planetfall: Rense System Navy Assault Helix - Completed

Its been a little while since I last posted, I promise I havent been completely sitting on my laurels. 

Here is the completed RSN Assault Helix... more piccys after the jump

A Dragkon Painting Table update

Hey guys how are you all doing?

So this last month you have been seeing a few updates from kraggi about what I have been doing. Well it's been a fun month so far and I think it's time to give you all a update.

 more after the jump..

This Weeks Painting Table

This Week, I have managed a couple of evenings at the painting table and here are the fruits of my labour so far.

This week has mostly seen me painting Spartan Game models, Roboute is on the table, but hidden away at the back. 

Here we have 16 bases of Relthozans, plus three Covenant of Antartica ships (the Dreadnought, Assault Carried & Battleship.


And here you can see the Carrier, 3 Cruisers & the Battlecruiser

Now onto the Relthozans, here are their light tanks. 

Followed by their mediums. 

And here are a couple of shots of all the CoA models I have put paint on this week, although mostly its just been highlights to their gun ports. 

Forgeworld Weapons

Not sure how many of you noticed (as it slipped by my nose) but Forgeworld have re-released the Space Marine Upgrade kits.

These basically allow you to buy special weapons by the bucket load for your 30k (or 40k) marines.

All the details after the jump.

Dragkon Painting - Streaming Live now!

Dragkon is currently live streaming him doing some painting!

January in Review

To keep myself motivated this year (mainly for the summer when my posts tend to suffer!) I am going to do a monthly review of how I have been doing.

This way even if I end up not posting a lot I have a record of the games & models I have played.

It might also help push me month on month to get more achieved, although the challenge is that you always tend to get more goodies at Christmas and January should be one of the more successful painting months! 

The Blog
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Models Painted:
10 Man Ultramarines Tactical Squad
5 Man Cataphractti Terminator Squad - Post due this week
Cataphractti Terminator Captain - Post due this week
Rense System Navy Assault Helix - Post due this month

Paint Progression - What i hope to complete this month, barring new purchases
Relthozan Core Helix
Dindrenzi Core Helix
Roboute Guilliman
2nd Tactical Squad of Ultramarines
Aquan Infantry Bases

Posts of Note:
How to Paint an Ultramarine

Games Played:
Not the best start of the year for gaming, with four out of five games lost... I guess things can only get better! 

Betrayal at Calth Mission 2 - Victory for the Ultramarines! 
Betrayal at Calth Mission 3 - Victory for the Word Bearers! (boo hiss)
Planetfall, 3500 points, Directorate vs Terran (Beta Test Game), lost -9 / 19
Planetfall, 5000 points, Aquans vs Directorate (Beta Test Game), lost -4 / 24
Planetfall, 3000 points, Directorae & Relthozan vs Sorylians, lost -19 / -4

300,000 Page views! Which I don't think is too bad since July 2010 when the Blogger counting started! Probably not that many unique readers, but even so a nice milestone.

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