Betrayal at Calth Rules Review

While this game has been out for a while i have been intending to write a review since release date (pretty much).

However like many other things that I think of and don't get written this draft kept slipping down my drafts. 

With the New Year upon us, I decided it would be better to try and get some of this backlog written, even if it then takes me a little while to actually post it. 

So Betrayal at Calth, a large number of you (like myself) probably bought this game with a view that it gives you a load of models, and the board game it comes with was just a freebie / bonus.

There is nothing wrong this view point... however having played the game through a few times I have to say that I have been amazingly well impressed as to how this plays out! 

So first up.

The Turn Sequence. 

Each Game turn has a Ready / Draw phase where you tidy up any counters and draw any cards that you might require.

A chunk of board games have these phases and they are useful for just making sure you are ready for your subsequent turn.

Unit Activations

In the game itself each Hex is in essence its own miniature unit, and gets to perform unto two actions a turn.

The Actions are:

Special Action

You can pick any of these actions unless you are in an adjacent Hex to any enemy unit, at which point your actions are reduced to Advance, Assault, Special Actions & Consolidate. 

Each player gets to activate one unit before passing the activation to their opponent, meaning you always get to react to your opponents actions. 

However you can activate the same unit in your following turn (although then of course they have to sit around waiting till the following turn to do stuff).

The Dice
Hurting things with an Assault or Shooting attack is based around rolling a number of dice, either to all the Assault values in a unit for combat or the sum of all the ranged weapons dice.

There are four results on the dice, blank, hit, shield, crit, and when attacking you want the hits and crits, but defending wants the shields. 

You compare the total hits (criets count as a hit too) after removing a number equal to the shields rolled to the models Stamina, this determines if you kill something or not.

Critical results are a benefit you get to use against the target unit, sometimes they add additional dice for you to roll, remove tactical points (basically actions) from the unit, or ignore someones armour value. 

The Missions
The game itself comes with six missions, and there are (so far) two additional missions available via White Dwarf. 

So far I have managed to play through a couple of missions while we getting our heads around the rules,  and all of these have been very exciting and closely fought games. 

We will be posting a video battle report of at least one of the missions (if not all of them) over the next few weeks. 

Very impressed with this game style and actually think this method of game play could work quite well at bigger force styles.

This is a nice surprise game that only enhances the value of this box set, and for returning players (like myself) it offers amazing value on the mini's plus the inclusion of a very good game.

Dreadball: Void Sirens

These girls are my go to team for Dreadball events / leagues. 

At distance they look pretty pink, but are actually in Superman colours of Red & Blue. 

I dont think these are my best paint job, but they look pretty good on the table, and I currently have 1 model to paint fully and several to finish basing to call them complete.

Performance wise I really love them on the pitch, they only have one guard, but have plenty of strikers, and Jacks that can do the role of a guard nicely with the Running Interference ability on all of them.

Running Interference basically allows you to move one Hex (at any point in another players move) and call a Slam (tackle), you don't have to do this, you could just move them to put tackle zones on the target, but slamming is so much more satisfying.

Since Dreadball has your turn end if you lose the ball its best used against the ball carrier, or to intercept a pass.

The painting table this week

As those of you who read my blog regularly, or know me personnally might know or have realised I tend to jump around a bit in my hobby time 

Nothing shows it quite as well as my paint table. 

Three Game Systems, and one of those game systems has three sets of models all at different levels of painting. 

Lots more pictures after the jump! 

Firestorm Taskforce

Firestorm Task force. 

This sounds pretty exiting.

The official blurb 

What can you do in 30 minutes? You could order a pizza, get a haircut or... Play Firestorm Taskforce! Introducing the new fast-action space combat game so many of you have been waiting for. 

Firestorm Taskforce is an exciting new addition to our Firestorm Galaxy, which will now allow you to speed up your game-play to between 30-45 minutes, reduce gaming space and lower introductory costs for new gamers, whilst remaining FULLY compatible with all our current Firestorm Armada models.

We’ll be kicking off Taskforce with three new two-player Starter Sets, encompassing all six core races:
- Terran Allianca vs Dindrenzi Federation
- Aquan Prime vs The Directorate
- Sorylian Collective vs The Relthoza

Inside each box you’ll find everything you need to play the game in 30+ action-packed minutes. The new models inside are also our first to embrace a modular design build, something you’ll all be seeing a lot more across our future Firestorm models. 

For existing Firestorm Armada players, individual race Reinforcement Sets are also available. We'll be announcing this release in full on our website later this evening, so for more information head to

Pieces after the Jump!

Planetfall Assault Helixes

Very excited about these guys. 

Not all of the models from every faction look awesome to me, some I plain just don't like.

But having run through the Assault Helix they all look amazing! 

The Dindrenzi, looking as lethal as I expected. 

Very happy with the Aquans, seen a few people comment on the models having the same pose (the two tri-pods) will have to look at how they are assembled as I agree some flexibility could be good there. 

The Directorate.... very very impressed didn't expect them to look as good as this! 

The Relthozan's are interesting, definitely getting the Bug vibe off them.

The Big Mechs here are probably my favourite of this release... reminds me of the robots from Real Steel which I actually quite enjoyed. 

Finally the gun bots, well probably not guns per se as its an assault helix... maybe some form of laser cutter!!!

All in all colour me impressed! 

Deadzone: Reb's

Unlike the Plague Faction for Deadzone, I havent gone quite as crazy with the Rebs as I did with them. 

More pictures after the Jump

How to Paint a 30k Ultramarine

This time a bit of a longer post on how to paint an Ultramarine - Varcan Cluster style. 

I haven't don't a painting guide before, mostly because I don't consider my painting skills ground breaking or show stopping. They wont win awards, but do tend to look ok on the table top.

After painting my first squad of Ultramarines, I decided to record all the steps for the Sergeant of my second squad, and then share them with yourselves. 

The end result is the model show above and hopefully this provides some use to fellow painters out there. 

Lots (and I do mean lots) of pictures after the jump! 

Planetfall - All the Directorate I own

Above you can see an 'aerial' shot of all the Directorate that I currently own. This consists of a Full Core Helix, Leviathan Firepower Helix, Heavy Helix & a Recon Helix. 

Lots more pictures after the jump!

Horus Heresy Posts

Like some of my other posts, I am updating the blog to try and easily collate all posts about specific games / topics. 

You will be able to access this page via the bar across the top of the screen to revisit it whenever I add new content to it. 

To begin with we have the following Horus Heresy Posts, or planned posts. As I get them completed I will add links to continue improving this page. 


Betrayal at Clath 
Roboute Guilliman (Video / Post)

Army Lists

Betrayal at Clath - what can you make
Betrayal at Clath - 1500 Points
1020 points
1500 points
2000 points
2000 points of Tanks

Ultramarines Painting

Lord of War
Robout Guilliman (Work in Progress)

Centurion in Terminator Armour
Praetor in Terminator Armour
Praetor with Legate Axe
Master of the Signal

Tactical Squad Alpha (12 Marines, 1 Nunico Vox, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Squad Beta (12 Marines, 1 Nunico Vox, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Squad Gamma (12 Marines, 1 Nunico Vox, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Support Squad Alpha (Plasma Guns x 6)
Tactical Support Squad Beta (Volkite Calivers x 5)

Cataphractii Terminators (5 Complete, 5 Undercoated)
Tartaros Terminators (Undercoated x 10)
Tartaros Terminators - Alternate Heavy Weapons (Undercoated x 5)
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Complete)
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Complete)
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Work in Progress)
Legion Veteran Squad Alpha (Undercoated)
Legion Veteran Squad Beta (Undercoated)

Fast Attack
Attack Bike Squadron

Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad - Rocket Launchers
Legion Heavy Support Squad - Heavy Bolters
Spartan Assault Tank (Unboxing)
Sicaran Battle Tank (Unboxing)

World Eaters (Dragkon)

Army Overview
Terminator Praetor (Work in Progress)
Terminator Squad
Tactical Squad (Work in Progress)

Salamanders (Dragkon)
coming soon (ish)

How to...
Paint an Ultramarine

Useful Resources
Warstone Flux Horus Heresy Page

Additional Units

The items contained here will be bought and painted for the Ultramarines Chapter, but will only be usable within the 40k setting, which these models will be able to double up as. 

Devastator Centurions

Spartan Games You Tube Channel

So Spartan games have finally gone and gotten themselves a Youtube channel.

So far it only shows their Trailer for Halo Fleet Battles.. admittedly something I am more and more likely to get as I replay my way through Halo - Halo 5.

Hopefully we will get some cool and interesting videos from them in the future, I think it would be awesome if they did an advert for each of their games systems, and then some unit reviews / battle reports. 

Cautiously Excited at the moment...

Spartan Games You Tube Channel

The Advert is linked below for your convenience! 

30k Ultramarines Veteran Squad Painted

First completed models of the new year.

One of the tactical Squads ready for their exploits under the ground of Calth. 

This particular unit comes equiped with a Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun & Verteran Sergeant with Power fist. 

On the paint station (pictures)

A few quick snaps of my Work In Progress models that crossed my paint station. 

Yes I live the rock and roll life of painting in the house on Friday night... apparently its bad to go out when the Wife is out and the Baby is in bed, who knew?

Lots of pictures after the jump!

Planetfall: All the Aquans I Own

You can probably say that my Aquan force is my primary force, given that I own more Helixes worth of models for them than I do for the Directorate. 

Lots more pictures after the jump! 

Planetfall Assault Helix Unboxing (RSN)

Christmas & New Year, always a great time. Hopefully Santa was good to all of you and either got your something hobby related, or found a way to sneak the money in to a card for you to do that yourself. 

In my case I got some money to pick up a few models, the first of which was a bit of an impulse buy....

Dont forget you can find all of my posts about the Firestorm Universe here

2016 Varcan Cluster gets Techy...

Well sort of.

I decided it was about time I finally started using all of this other technology thats already out there.

Things Like Twitter, Facebook, Twitch & Youtube. 

So with that in mind I have created a Twitter account, where it will post all of the latest blog posts, plus any random pictures / thoughts / comments that spring to mind. You can find us on twitter @VarcanCluster

Facebook, we already have our own Page! Woohoo!!! And have done for some time, this also links any Tweets and blog posts so you dont have to miss a thing. 

Twitch... well this one I will be leaving in Dragkons capable hands as he has the gear & setup for some live Streaming (plus no 8 month old child that could start crying and mean he has to up and run away from the Computer!).

Youtube... we technically have our own channel with all of two or three videos on it, but I think with Twitch and some ideas I have for unboxing videos plus some recorded games we can get that going in a bigger and better way as well. 

In Summary you can find us:

Twitter; @VarcanCluster
Youtube; The Varcan Cluster

Any suggestions for content, ideas for other things, or even bits you may want to submit yourself (happy to have others do a blog post here that links to their own blog), then leave a message in the comments and I will get back to you! 

Or email me at Kraggii at

Hope to hear from you soon

Horus Hersey Unboxing a Primarch (Pictures)

I changed my role at work recently, and the guys were very nice and bought me a leaving gift.

This turned out to be a voucher for Forgeworld!

Which in turn means I decided it was time to buy an expansion for my Ultramarines.... the unboxing is after the jump....

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