4 Months of near silence

So as you can see from the website, its been a minimal four months of my hobby. I actually need to recite the phrase in the picture to me much much more!

Things are picking up though! 

With Deadzone due out soon, and me starting a new Ultramarines army I am hopeful I will be posting a bit more regulary. 

below are the total games i have played in the last 4 months... not a great amount! 

Necrons vs Tau, Victory, 12-0
Necrons vs Eldar, Victory, 4-1
Necrons vs Tau, Draw, 4-4
Necrons vs Tau, Victory, 8-0
Necrons & Grey Knights vs Iron Hands & Salmanders - Draw
Necrons & Grey Knights vs Tau - Victory
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Dark Eldar - Loss
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Dark Eldar - Loss

Circle vs Cryx - Loss

Look out for some posts in the next month of the new Deadzone arrivals, and my WIP Ultramarines!

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